3 Important Moves in Anyone’s Life


By age 30, the average person has relocated about six times. Over an entire lifetime, the average American moves approximately 11 times. That’s a lot of packing up and starting over, but a trend becoming more popular, especially amongst the younger population. Although relocating is a big deal any time you move, a few of those moves stand out from the rest. They’re simply special and worthy of more thought, time, and effort.

Three most important moves that you’ll make include:

Move One: The College Years

The first move is usually the most anticipated since it’s your first shot away from your parents and all of those nagging rules. It is exciting and most youngsters eagerly find an apartment or board up in the dorm as they enjoy that first taste of freedom. You probably won’t become this excited ever again in your moving history so make the most out of the moment.

Sometimes we return to mom and dad’s house after college and better prepare for the real world after this freedom. Others are ready to take on the world and go on to rent their own apartment. Should I move out of state after college is a big question that many people ponder, especially if they’ve attended school elsewhere?

Move Two: Moving on Up

The next important move occurs when you’ve finally ‘met ‘the one.’ You’re ready to get married, settle down, and maybe have children. Many couples decide to buy a home at this point in life. Some move to another state, so it’s possible that you may ask, should I move out of state if you decide to buy a home. It is worth considering, especially if the majority of your life has been spent in one specific area.

Renting is possible as well since homeownership isn’t right for everyone. Many people prefer renting when they intend to move later or when they simply lack the financial security to comfortably own a home. This is a transition move that signifies a different era in life. It is certainly an exciting time in life and some of the most important years you’ll ever live.

Move Three: Retirement

At age 65, most of us have worked for nearly 50 years. It is safe to say that retiring is highly anticipated. Many people choose to relocate once they reach retirement age. They leave the big house behind and all of the expenses that come with it, often choosing a retirement community to call their own. Residing in a Central Florida retirement community has perks, after all. Not only are you surrounded by likeminded individuals of the same age, but the expenses are also much less and you enjoy a more cozy home and living arrangement.

This move is so important because you’ve worked so hard your entire life for this moment. The Central Florida retirement community that you choose as your home during the golden years is essential to your happiness. Carefully compare and research a few of the choices before making a final selection. Your Golden Years should be special and with the right community, you’ll enjoy a pleasant life ahead.

Whether moving during one of the important events above or during other times in life, take the time to properly plan and prepare for the event and do things the right way. Moving creates major changes, after all, and being certain that you’re ready for what’s ahead is important. Hire an affordable but component moving company, purchase quality moving materials, choose the right home, and enjoy the life that is in store for you in the future.       

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