3 Things That Can Happen if Your Split AC filter is Dirty

What would happen if you stopped paying your electricity bills? Or, if you stopped maintaining the functionality of your bathrooms? What about if you never refilled your refrigerator? It is easy to imagine the resultant chaos from such scenarios. But there is another under-appreciated staple of your home: your split ac filter.

Split AC filter is Dirty

Split AC

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What would happen if your split ac filter is dirty? It is hard to believe that such a small part could make a big difference in air quality, but it does. In case you avoid cleaning or replacing the split ac filter for an extended period, the air quality could worsen considerably. But, if you also want to clean the air like cleaning the rest of your house, you can improve the air quality to a great extent.

Think about all the dirt and grime you would see on the floors, on counters and surfaces, and in bathrooms if you left it unclean. That is equivalent to what accumulates in your split ac filter in a given month. If you are wondering how it can affect your life, let’s have a look at what happens if your split ac filter gets dirty:

  1. Indoor Air Pollution

A split ac filter that is clogged reduces the amount of air that comes through the system. Further, it reduces the amount of airflow into your home and the effectiveness of the air conditioner. These systems are designed to work with a specific amount of airflow. The air conditioner can fail when the split ac filters are clogged.

In case the split ac filter gets dirty, the dirt is more than likely to spread to the ducts in the house. It will cause indoor pollution, which can be more dangerous than you think. Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to indoor pollution may result in respiratory or heart diseases and even cancer.

Thus, it is far more worthwhile to have your ac filter cleaned or replaced rather than spending money on replacing ductwork that has been damaged from dirt. You can opt for a Nanotech Split AC Filter whose advanced technology will protect with it 99.7 percent efficiency.

  1. Loss of Efficiency

As you may know, the air conditioners last longer if they are appropriately maintained. A good split ac filter helps stop dust and dirt from building up on the internal components. But a bad one will cause additional wear and tear that can lead to serious maintenance issues down the road. You might need to replace your air conditioner a year or two sooner than expected. What’s more, is that you will likely be paying for expensive air conditioning repairs in the meantime.

In addition to that, an air conditioner with a dirty ac filter will use much more power to cool your home. You will have to pay higher energy bills as a result of it, which is why you need to change or clean the AC filters timely. You can also choose another layer of a Nanotech Split AC Filter that also protects against tiny, harmful germs in the air.

Split AC

Split AC

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  1. Germ Buildup

The dirt and mold that builds up in your air conditioners can cause allergic reactions to flare up. A dirty split ac filter causes the ductwork to become clogged as well and gives impetus to the mold and bacteria to grow. They will eventually blow into the air that you breathe in.

If you have pets or use chemical cleaning products regularly, the dander and cleaning particles can get trapped in the filter. Over time, it will get released into the air along with dust and debris.

This inflow of germs can cause fatigue, coughing, itchy eyes, headaches, sore throat, difficulty breathing, congestion, and tightening of the chest. Plus, it can increase the risk of asthma attacks as well.

A simple solution for a dirty split ac filter is a Nanotech AC Filter, as mentioned previously. One of the reliable companies offering such filters is Nirvana Being. You can add their ac filter to your existing air conditioner and turn it into an air sterilizer. It has about 99.7 percent efficiency to remove contaminants and 96 percent for particulate matter.

The best feature of these split ac filters is that they can be used with split ACs of any brand and tonnage. Also, they offer the lowest resistance. This Nanotech Split AC Filter also has a life of 200-500 hours in residential or office conditions depending on the air quality index.

So, it is wise to opt for this DIY all-in-one solution to purify indoor air and protect you.

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