4 Different Uses for Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Generally, epoxy floors are commonly used for commercial and industrial properties but most of people make use of these floor coatings into the residential properties. Commercial Epoxy Floors are high performing, seamless, durable and give long-lasting benefits. In today’s time, there are many businesses, facilities and homes opt to epoxy flooring to keep their areas safe and clean. 

The best part about epoxy floors is that they offer a wide range of benefits to those business owners who want long-lasting floors. Moreover, these floor systems are environmental –friendly and very easy to install. 

On the other hand, most people make use of Epoxy Garage Floor Paint to give there floor stunning look and attractive shining for a longer duration.


Commercial and industrial Epoxy Floors

Here are some reasons to invest in epoxy floors as compared to other flooring systems:

  • In terms of resistance, epoxy floors offer a high–level of uniqueness as compared to other floors like woods, tile, and carpet. Whether it is installed on your office and homes these floors are highly impacted by water, stain, heat, oil, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, these qualities are great with a range of daily-foot prints and homes with pets and kids.
  • To keep your home safe and clean for a longer duration, epoxy floors are the best option because it offers you special kinds of benefits called moisture and heat resistance. Moisture can damage your floor and cause bacteria and mold with harmful diseases. On the other hand, it is beneficial for preventing your homes and business space from fires and give last- longer benefits. 
  • Epoxy floor coatings are very affordable and long-lasting for both long-term and short-term uses. They are resistance to damages and affordable because it only required extensive labor for installation. 
  • These floors considered a seamless surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The best benefit of these floors for garage and warehouse floors is that they are good for machinery and heavy vehicles or equipment. It provides a gloss finish to any garage, basements and living space. 

Let’s discuss some other surfaces where you can make use of epoxy flooring:

Let’s have a Look!

Epoxy Resins for Pool Decks and Pool Rooms:

Today people make use of epoxy floors for pool decks and pool rooms. Pool decks can be dangerous when water mixed with pool deck because it makes pool surface slippery. And sometimes it can cause of hurting them on a hard concrete floor. Moreover, epoxy flooring manufactured with non-slippery material that provides extra traction around the pool and prevents you from injuries.

On the other hand pool bathrooms are the other great place to make use of epoxy floor coatings. Yes, epoxies create moisture and microbial barrier that protect your floor against moisture damage and bacteria build-up. 

Epoxy Coatings in the Bathroom:

Whether it is an office bathroom or home get a lot of use. Most of you spend most of the time in the bathroom for showering, washing hands, changing clothes, etc. Just one person makes use of the bathroom several times. And averagely family bathroom may use dozens of times each day. With the water and steam for constant showers, the bathroom sees a lot of continual moisture and it can cause mildew, peeling paint and wallpapers as well as other moisture-related problems. But there is a permanent solution to this problem called epoxy floor coatings  

Yes, epoxy floors are the best way to prevent your bathroom from all these moisture damages. It gives your bathroom a new attractive and stunning look. This coating creates a barrier to prevent your floor from mildew. Moreover, you can also make use of epoxy floors on dashboards and walls to protect against moisture seeping into them and causing rot. 

Epoxy Flooring for Basement or Den:

Today most of the people make use of Epoxy Flooring for Basement or Den to give your space stylish look. With few finishing touches, your basement rooms can be turned into modern and comfortable. You and your friends will want to spend time. Moreover, these epoxy floors come within different shapes and sizes. You can easily choose as per your need and requirements for giving a stunning and attractive look to your basements.

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Garage:

The garage is a very heavy duty place that can see heavy traffic. This includes tools, equipment, vehicles and numerous other things that are stored in the garage. Many homes also use the garage as a workshop. There are many heavy tools and equipment drop on the floor, oil spills, car fluids and other chemical finds on the garage floor. To prevent the garage floor from these entire problems most people switch to epoxy garage floor coatings.    

Yes, epoxy garage floor coatings are withstanding with most oils and chemicals, tools, drooping heavy equipment with no damage. The other reason to use epoxy flooring in the garage is that epoxy floor coating creates a layer on the concrete floor. This concrete layer makes the surface very easy to clean and maintenance. From epoxy flooring, heavy oil and other chemicals are easily clean and wash off with simple water. 

On the other hand, if you realize that epoxy floor coatings are not just for the garage then you can make use of different styles of epoxy flooring of any room and other projects as per your needs and requirements. 

Conclusion: Generally, Epoxy floors are perfect additions to any space, home, or business. These floors return their investment by lasting for long periods, providing an elegant appearance. Plus, it not needs extra extensive or expensive treatments throughout many years. If you want to make your space attracting, creative with new stunning look epoxy flooring is one of the best, durable and reliable options. 

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