5 Best Life-Changing Travel Books for You!

life changing travel books

A travel book, a hot cup of coffee, and a sofa are all enough for you to travel around the world. With books, you can explore distant geographical locations without going out of your house. These travel books generate desire in you to plan a trip and travel new destinations with family and friends and enjoy the fullest.

Nowadays travel guide books are available in the market that describes information about places which is designed for travelers or visitors. These include information regarding the place, lodgings, restaurants, transportation and many others which is necessary while traveling. It also contains photographs of places which generates a kind of excitement in you to read more. Through books, we came to know about different religion, culture, and languages used by people in diverse places. The non-fiction adventure book will engage you in reading late night and fill your heart with bliss and happiness.

So here are some travel books which you can prefer for yourself:

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-term World Travel:

The book is all about taking some time off from our busy schedule and exploring the world. It offers all new experiences of life. American travel writer Rolf Potts composed the book Vagabonding which was published in the year 2002. The book contains Potts journey of how he spent years traveling a new destination of the world and making memories. It is the best life-changing travel book which motivates solo travelers who never dare to travel alone. It is the best travel guide book which will inspire you to travel.

The Alchemist:

Every traveler has a dream of exploring a place and collecting memories from there. This book The Alchemist focuses on following dreams. The book contains the story of a young shepherd boy who travels from Spain to Egypt facing obstacles and experiencing adventure on his way and finally reaches the destination. He also learns the meaning of love and life during his journey. This fantasy fiction was composed by great Brazilian author Paulo Coelho in 1988. The book was written in Portuguese and was very much appreciated among readers.

Travels with Charley: In search of America:

The book was written by American author John Steinbeck who through this book expresses his desire to explore America on a personal level. This is a true memoir of the author as he goes on a road trip with his French poodle Charley, across the United States in 1960. He visited around forty states and witnessed new things on his own. It is the best life-changing which you can prefer for yourself.

On The Road:

In the book author, Jack Kerouac wrote about his travel experience and adventures. It is 1957, travel book which grabs market attention and earned millions after publication. In the book, character Sal Paradise leaves New York and move towards the west. During his journey he makes friends, partying late at night and enjoys life to the fullest. This book will inspire you to hit the road and travel world. So you should go through the book at least once.

The Geography of Bliss:

‘The Geography of Bliss’ is a self-help travel guide book composed by author Eric Weiner in 2008. It is a travel literature book in which Weiner is in search of the happiest place in the world. He visited places like Iceland, Qatar, Bhutan, and Moldova to find out how people pursue happiness but fail to reveal the secret. In his journey, he interacts with local people and came to know more about their life, language, culture, and religion.

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