5 career options in healthcare

Healthcare career options – Many healthcare professionals spend several years completing the required educational training and experience to perform the tasks required of them.

Healthcare career

However, there are other healthcare career paths that do not require as much extensive training as a doctor. These careers are very highly rewarding and also offer opportunities for growth.

In the article below, we will discuss five such options available for youngsters vying to join this field.

1. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse – also known by its short acronym RN – performs several essential functions. They would offer treatment, emotional support, and professional advice to the patients and their loved ones. They would also impart education regarding medical conditions.

In 2016, there were around 3 million registered nurses providing essential services to patients in the United States.

Some of the regular tasks performed by registered nurses are listed below:

  • Providing emergency care for illnesses and injuries.
  • Evaluating test results to identify the condition of a patient.
  • Implementing the orders of the doctors and documenting treatment.
  • Evaluating a patient’s response to medication.
  • Providing medicines as per the doctor’s prescription.

Registered nurses are responsible for continuously monitoring the medical condition of a patient through observation and assessment.

The remuneration offered to a registered nurse depends on the organization they are working for. However, the average annual salary for registered nurses is approximately $70,000

2. Therapist

An occupational therapist is defined as a person who assists patients in regaining their physical abilities.

These patients may longer be physically capable for a number of reasons including mental, emotional, or physical issues.

General responsibilities of a therapist include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing a current condition with the help of available medical history.
  • Evaluating if the person is able to perform any physical actions.
  • Developing a plan for therapy, keeping in mind the goals that need to be performed.
  • Providing useful information to the family members and loved ones of the patient.
  • Providing training for using the equipment.

The remuneration offered to a therapist hinges on the level of experience he/she has. However, the average annual salary of occupational therapists is around $83,000.

3. Ultrasound Technician

An ultrasound technician – also referred to as a sonographer – performs a very important function. He/she assists medical professionals in diagnosing the real issue with the patient.

An ultrasound technician is trained to operate specific equipment which makes use of high-frequency sound waves that record and present the images pertaining to the organs inside the body. The good news is that you can get Ultrasound Technician Training in Miami. Moreover, possessing certain personality traits – apart from the requisite training and experience – are necessary for an ultrasound technician. These are usually regarded as soft skills.

A Good Listener

A sonographer is supposed to be good at conversing with patients. He/she should be able to let them understand the mechanics of the equipment, and soothe them if they panic.

Socially Skilled

Social skills are mandatory for an ultrasound technician to show empathy for his patients. This requires excellent social skills.

Patients are already sacred. A little sympathy helps them a lot.

Ability to explore alternate solutions

An ultrasound technician must also possess the ability to keep calm under stress and be able to think out of the box as per the requirement of specific situations. This career offers excellent opportunities for growth.  

4. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are required to perform office administration for physicians. In some cases, they may also perform clinical tasks.

Job responsibilities of medical assistants include:

  • Organizing appointments between the doctor and the patient.
  • Arranging office supplies and clinical supplies.
  • Organize documentation including medical records.
  • Keeping a record of prescriptions.
  • Keeping and arranging medical histories of individual patients.

Specific tasks for medical assistants would largely depend on the applicable laws within the state.

However, their work is vital for both the doctor and the patient since he/she is the point of contact between the two.

The average annual income for medical assistants in the US is around $33,000.

5. Pharmacy assistant/technician

A pharmacy assistant or technician is required to help the pharmacist in preparing medicines for patients.

A technician usually receives prescriptions in writing or electronically.

The specific duties of a pharmacy technician depend on the law applicable in the state. Usually, he/she is required to mix compounds. They would also keep an inventory of the medicines and inform the pharmacist as soon as there are any shortages.

The annual average salary for pharmacy assistants in the US is around $31,000.

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