5 Must-Haves For Your Trade show Booth Checklist!

Trade show is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, expand networks, and create better engagement with customers. It plays an important role in business strategies to throw a lasting impression on peer businesses and customers.

Trade show Booth Checklist

A successful trade show comes down to how much efforts you put to make it successful, which almost sounds like a form of concert in which performance is a key! And, no performance concert can succeed without good preparation, proper set, and supplies.

Imagine having a poor booth design and lightings, running out of device batteries, getting dehydrated and having no means of future communication! This is surely not your goal! 

So, if you are about to hit your first show booth, make sure to incorporate these five essentials before you implement any other marketing tactics:


Most of the trade show exhibitors pay too much attention to drapes and pipes that they forget the floor plan and flow of their booth. While many exhibitors put tables at the front, having some chairs will give visitors a welcoming vibe, instead. 

Visitors often get tired walking around, seeing a chair will make them stop by, and you can earn a new customer. Create an effective floor plan that encourages conversation. You can put storage ottoman as a table and chairs for deal-making. You can also use decorative shrubs to increase privacy.

Canopy, Lights, and Signage!

Imagine yourself an attendee; would you ever like to visit a clumsy booth? Perhaps, not! You should know that most of the attendees visit a trade show booth based on eye-catchy design. There are two things you have to keep in mind: first, your booth should be informative; second, it should be pleasing to eyes.

The first impression should leave your customers with information about which industry you are in. Secondly, make it look attractive by using proper lightings, good-quality canopy, and essential signage like banners, and posters. All these factors will add a visual appeal and make the display pop out.

Chargers and Power Banks

You surely bring your gadgets like laptops to follow leads via email or to show them your e-commerce websites, and phones to call your colleagues, right?  Do not miss an opportunity due to low device batteries and bring all the necessary wiring equipment like power bank, chargers, and extension cords.

Moreover, having charging cables and power banks are must-have devices that can save you from losing potential leads. You can also loan them to other booth owners and make an ally!


This is your own survival essential, but a crucial one! Trade show involves early preparation, standing throughout, and working late night. You don’t want to be dehydrated or starve in the middle of the show. These situations often let fatigue in! 

You perhaps have lunch breaks, but that may not suffice you. So, keep some chips and sandwiches handy to feel energized throughout the day. If feasible, bring some extra refreshments and water bottles to hand over to potential customers to show your concern. 

Business Cards

It is quite obvious that we forget the little things while preparing for a successful exhibition. We are talking about business cards! A well-designed business card throws an everlasting impression. Make sure to have one that fits the aesthetics and nature of your business.

Also, do not forget to put your contact details like email address and phone number, making it easy for the customers to reach you.  These pocket-sized cards can easily fit in your wallets and help customers engage with you in the long term.


Marking a memorable trade show presence requires proper planning and preparation. Now that you have the checklist, you can easily set up your booth to make healthy connections and feel hassle-free of bringing a carton of unnecessary items!

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