5 Roles of Emotions on Travelling Far Away – What to Expect

Emotions dig deeper than a wound does.

They can make or break you. It’s like a supernova of the galaxy full of hidden feelings and emotions you are unaware of until unless something triggers it.

Morocco Travelling

“We might be masters of our thoughts, but still we are the slaves of our own emotions”.

There are several things that can trigger any emotion. Like puberty, school, family, responsibilities, etc. but there’s one thing that we often don’t give any importance to, travelling.

Travelling Morocco

Importance of Travelling

How travelling affects us depends on us in reality. Some are more excited about it than the rest and some are born explorers and some prefer comfort heat of home.

You can’t possibly change your nature of thinking but what you can do is bring a spark of travelling into it and see how it will affect you emotionally;

  • Travelling shows you how to;
  • Accept the realities
  • Be patient when you are least calm
  • Be realistic in the midst of strangers etc.

It can bring goodness out in you easily and help accept the reality.

Why not learn something amazing in life and reinvent yourself by going on holidays or exploring the unexplored? Believe it or not, it will be the start of a new change once you decide to be part of something exceptional for your own good.

Help yourself to grow further and let nature help you nurture in return.

Rollercoaster of Emotions

Once on holiday to Morocco made me go through the phase of perpetual learning and growth emotionally and information-wise too.

Emotions can make you tired and can give you an adrenaline rush as well. But before we move forward you need to understand the difference in emotions and feelings (especially those who are unable to appreciate differences in both).

Emotions is a physical state of mind having a psychological reaction on everything we see, hear or touch. It may influence changes in our behavior either good or bad based on how we intercept it.

Feelings are closely related to emotions. Our perception of one’s emotion or any other factor is going to be based on learned behaviors.

For example, happiness is a feeling and joy is an emotion. Emotions are unconscious patterns we adapt from our surroundings.

When in Morocco…

Going to Morocco once made me feel different emotions all at the same time. An embellishment of a country can make you feel all sorts of things. From joy to sadness and much more.

 Morocco is a charming country when it wants to be. It can wipe the wits out of you in no time, again boosting your emotions in the best way possible.

Happiness and Joy

How do you feel when packing your bags to travel to someplace?

Do you feel the exhilaration when you think of fun Morocco holidays? Or do you feel dreary?

Obviously, if you are a traveller and open to new ideas of places is HAPPINESS you are after.

Travelling is so much fun that it is unavoidable. To be happy, fooling around is what makes your holidays more exciting, doing all the childish things you never could do before because of your busy routine. Take in every moment, experience and live to your fullest moments.

Go snorkeling, diving, surfing…anything that can trigger the happy side of you. It’s really worth it all.


Every coin has two sides, the good or the bad. Anticipation is already attached to travelling and to Morocco. Can things go wrong? Absolutely!

Could it be a disastrous holiday for you? Quite possible.

But should it stop you from ever travelling again? Or reducing your holidays prior to the plan? No, you shouldn’t because the holiday is not over yet and there’s still so much to look forward to. So what if the air-conditioner was not working? Or if the food you tried didn’t turn out good? There are more things on the menu to count on.


Have you ever felt at ease at a place instantly? Although it was your first time? Many will face this emotion when on a Morocco holiday. The readiness to accept a new person through the intricate fabrics of Moroccan culture is the epitome of what can be and will be for you.

You always discover a place that you love. The food that becomes your favourite and a classy spot that becomes a regular for you. It’s that simple. The sense of familiarity is so strong that you feel comfortable in the first trip and that relaxes you further.


How far have you come from getting irritated if things go wrong? Especially on a holiday trip, you have been looking forward to?

Morocco can make you pretty much annoyed by the constant haggling and people finding ways to make money off of the travellers. It’s easy to get conned unless you are being too careful about it.

Sometimes the heat can annoy you more than you know, especially when you are coming from such an area where the temperature is not as high. Besides that, getting annoyed during your holidays can be because you seem tired after the distant travelling or somethings didn’t reach your expectations so yes, you may not be fond of this emotion so keep your cool and calm.


Sometimes you plan your holidays to get away from the things that are making you sadder with time.

 You might be prone to this emotion more often when travelling away from home.

And it’s completely normal too so don’t get worked up about it. But when the trip ends that’s the real deal, when you start missing the journey and experience already.

Travelling Morocco – Morocco can make you feel that way once you get the feeling that you belong there. Some get so much acquainted with it, you even settle in the place, that attracted you at first sight. Souvenirs collected with time are the recollection of memories, like your old photo albums.

Sharing and laughing at memories is what everyone wants in their life. Whatever the emotions and feelings those memories may trigger of the time can be of certain significance for you. Never forget what the holiday made you feel and never suppress your emotions.

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