6 Leather Shoes That Can Upgrade Your Look

What’s the need for a huge wardrobe when a pair of leather shoes hold the power of upgrading your whole look? If you wear dress shoes every day, you might as well consider more than just comfort to enhance your look. The material of your shoes matters just as much as the style and comfort, so surely, nothing’s better than a pair of formal leather shoes to improve your look. Below, we’ve mentioned the best of the comfortable leather shoes that could touch-up your whole look.

1) Oxford

A classic, Oxford is distinguished by its unique style, which is its closed lacing system. This particular component features stitching covering the bottom. This technique of constructing an Oxford shoe makes it more cozy and gives the show a more formal look. Another important feature of Oxford is its sleek and flawless appearance, created by its short back, and considerably lower heel.

The best Oxfords a man can own are Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes, which, apparent from its name, has an extra piece of leather stitched over the toes. This type of Oxford is the most suitable for business attire.

Leather Shoes That Can Upgrade Your Look

A) Brogue

The name of this shoe comes from the unique process of broguing, which was derived from Irish, and is characterized by multiple-piece, elite leather uppers with decorative perforations. Although an inexperienced eye might think it’s like any other show, this particular look gives the shoes a more personalized look and a distinctive style. Depending on the construction of the shoe and the versatile levels of decoration, one can wear these on any occasion, and with everything, starting from shorts to suits, from weddings to the office.

A Quarter Brogue is the best to wear for job interviews, one’s graduation, or even a wedding. Unlike a Semi Brogue, these have the perforated medallion on the toe cap, giving it a minimalistic style.


2) Derby

Another common type of leather dress shoes, Derbys are classics like Oxfords. But where Oxford has stitchings that cover up to the toes, a Derby has an open lacing system, giving it a slightly less complex design. Thus, one could say that a Derby is more comfortable to wear than any other.

There are a variety of Derby shoes with a sleek and polished look, out of which a Classic Derby is the best for professional wear. They are plain and simple, and very easy to care for, with minimal stitching details.

3) Monk Strap

Monk Strap is one of the most popular shoes today in menswear. What sets these shoes apart is the skillful double monk strap. These shoes were popular in Europe and worn specifically by monks, as is apparent from the name. This was due to the reason that the Monk Strap provided an additional level of protection and were more durable than the usual sandals that everyone resorted to wear.

Now, the monk strap is regarded as the shoe of choice for men who are stylish. You can wear them with a suit, jeans, chinos, and even shorts.

4) Chelsea Boot

What’s special about Chelsea boots is that they’re a more unique option than the usual dress shoes and a stylish upgrade from sneakers. These shoes are defined by the particular feature: the ankle-hitting height and the upper which is constructed from two pieces of leather are sewn together with a panel of elastic, making Chelsea boots the easiest shoes to slide on and off.

5) Lace-up Boot

A pair of traditional lace-up boots are necessary for every man’s wardrobe. They give off a smart appearance and a comfortable fit. These shoes go best with sophisticated styles due to their slim appearance.

There are multiple brands across the globe that sell these shoes and more. Some of them are Morocco Leather Shoes, TSM & Co., Elite Leather, etc.

It’s always good to look your best self, and leather shoes like these go a long way. With the right outfit, they can give you a look that can be as good as it can get.

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