6 Tips To Improve Your Brand Promise & Value Proposition

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the value proposition and brand promise for your business are probably clear in your head. It’s the phrase you use to describe your product or service to people who ask what you do.

Trouble is, when it comes time for customers to make a purchase, that exact phrase might not come to mind.

That’s because people don’t buy with their brains; they buy with their hearts. Their emotions are directly involved in purchasing decisions, and we all know how tricky it can be to persuade someone through logic alone.

Here are three tips that can help you create a powerful brand promise and value proposition that will resonate with potential customers. However, make sure that you do significant research about what is brand promise and value proposition.

# 1 Understand why your customers buy from you.

Every product or service exists for a reason—to solve a problem, meet an unmet need or fulfill a desire. Consider what needs or desires your customers have that you fulfill differently than other companies do. Your value proposition should be crafted around this insight into what brings in sales and keeps loyal customers coming back again and again.

# 2 Create a Brand Promise

Every company has a unique story to tell, whether they realize it or not. The key to developing a strong brand is focusing on the key elements of your story and capturing them in a compelling way that helps differentiate you from the competition. What do you stand for? What makes you different than other companies? Your brand promise answers these questions and becomes the foundation of your marketing efforts as well as the foundation of your company culture.

# 3 Understand what your customers want when they buy from you

By understanding what your customers want when they purchase from you will help you decide how to position yourself in the marketplace. For example, if you’re selling software that helps people manage their inventory and save time, then a good value proposition would be something like “We help retail businesses save time and money”.

#4 Communicate results

A great way to tell your story is through a customer testimonial that supports your value proposition. Testimonials are powerful because they provide third-party validation of both your brand and your solution. Remember though, that a customer story is only as good (and believable) as its source! Testimonials can help you sell a potential customer on the benefits of working with you and what others have said about the experience.

# 5 Sell more products

If you have a strong brand, then people will tend to buy more when they do buy. They’ll be drawn in by the power of your brand promise, and they’ll want more than just a little taste of what they know is out there. Your brand should be integrated into all of your marketing efforts so that it becomes synonymous with who you are and what you’re selling.

# 6 Generate leads

Your brand can be used as part of a lead generation campaign as well. As people learn more about what you offer, they’ll begin to associate themselves with your brand values, which means that they’ll trust you enough to give up some personal information about themselves in exchange for something free or discounted from you.

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