7 Most Dramatic Revelations from Wikileaks in 2016

7 Most Dramatic Revelations from Wikileaks in 2016

Wikileaks revelations 2016

Wikileaks revelations about Hillary Clinton

One of the juiciest scandals related to Wikileaks in 2016 was the publishing of tens of thousands more emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. For several months, Julian Assange, the founder of international publishing platform Wikileaks, has announced an ‘October surprise’, which would destroy Clinton’s presidential campaign. And on his promise he had revealed a trove of emails stolen from the Podesta’s account.

Wikileaks has made this election season incredibly hot. The revelations from these documents show the damning evidence of Hillary’s criminality, ability to manipulate people and even her relation to the child traffickers. No doubt, these leaked emails have been really surprising with far-reaching implications. Here is a list of the most dramatic revelations disclosed by Wikileaks.

  • Protection of convicted child traffickers

According to the released materials, Clinton has used her influence to cover up the grim businesses of organizations that donated her campaign. Among her backers were even convicted child traffickers. For instance, the parent company of DynCorp, which hired under-age boy stripper in Afghanistan, donated over $40K to Hillary’s campaign. In return, Clinton contributed directly to publishing an article about the incident where mention of a boy was removed.

  • Kind donations to ‘Bill Clinton In.’

In a 12-page memorandum, Bill Clinton adviser Doug Band writes how he uses his consulting firm Teneo to make money for a non-profit foundation Clinton Global Initiative. Band rallied company’s clients to make a contribution directly to the former president and his family for “in-kind services” referring to that fund as ‘Bill Clinton In’. Some organizations paid the president for his speeches or advice. In 2009, Coca-Cola had a face-to-face meeting with Clinton at his house after transferring millions to the president’s foundation.

  • Taking money from nations that fund ISIS

In one of the documents that was revealed, Clinton herself admitted that the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” Despite the fact that they fund terrorism, Clinton was comfortable with getting millions of dollars from them. According to the preliminary estimates, 20% of her campaign were sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

  • Uncovering of classified materials

Being a Secretary of State, Hillary on a regular basis asked her housekeeper, Marina Santos, to print government emails and documents. What is most remarkable is that several of these papers contained classified information. Besides, Clinton sent the classified emails to her butler Oscar Flores numerous times. He also printed them despite having no security permission for doing this.

  • Connection with group that incited violence at Trump Rallies

But, the leaked emails show that Clinton staffers were paying people at Trump Rallies. They hired even mentally ill and homeless people to agitate his supporters. While being heavily engaged in the violent tactics, the “protesters” were also asked to pretend Bernie Sanders supporters. There is a video confirming Hillary’s staff were behind a riot in Chicago where numerous police officers suffered an injury.

  • Deep influence on media

The Wikileaks revelations reported a connection between Clinton and media in details. It was disclosed that some of the biggest names in reporting had dinner with John Podesta. Besides, the emails revealed that Clinton held a meeting with approximately 40 media representatives just before she announced her presidency to keep them on her side.

  • Public and private positions on policy

Due to uncovered emails, the society found out that Hillary had exactly opposite opinions on policy depending on whether she was in public or not. For instance, she is pro-fracking privately but publicly she is totally against it. Also, Clinton stands up for LGBT rights in the public spotlight but privately is against gay marriage.

There are still doubts concerning the authenticity of Podesta’s emails. The chance that at least some of the documents were fabricated is still possible. However, the leaked emails haven’t been authenticated by Clinton as well as Podesta himself. The period of their release is also the subject of much controversy as the revelations have been made right on the homestretch of the election race.

Certainly, these shocking Wikileaks revelations put a new life into Trump’s campaign and had a huge impact on Clinton’s chances of becoming a president.

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