7 Methods that make your Gift Card Packaging Unique

Gift card holder

Designing a proper holder for your cards makes it easier for you to manage all of your cards in one place. Use the most durable substance for the manufacturing of these boxes to protect your boxes from losing or any other kind of damage that could make your cards torn apart.

gift card packaging

The holder design is most convenient for official use. You can place these on your tables and desk in your offices and place every useful card in the holder for easy and instant access. This style is also appreciated for giveaway purposes.

Unique Gift Card Packaging

Gift card envelope

If you are running an organization, clothing brand or any association that needs to be promoted you are suggested to use the gift card envelopes in which you place your gift cards and send them to your regular consumers to make them feel appreciated and loved along with the purpose of promoting your brand and products. Sending cards in envelopes to your loved ones is also a very protective way which assures that your cards are protected from abrasion and your wishes for birthday, wedding or whatever reason you are using the gift cards are delivered accurately.

Food item shaped gift cards

To make your small gift card boxes more appealing and attractive for the food lovers, you are suggested to cut them in the shape of different food items like pizza, cake, cupcakes, and fruits like banana, apple, mangoes, or any other. This is a unique and attractive way of making your food-lover friend loved by sending them the gift cards in the form of their favorite food item.

You can also paste or draw the pictures of your love-one favorite food on the outer layer of these card boxes. It is a gesture that explains that you care about their favorite food and eating habits.

birthday gift card

Exclusive birthday gift card

When it is the time of the most important event of the year that everyone waits for is the birthday celebration of our loved ones.

Customize the gift card boxes in numerous ways that according to every age, gender, and people’s interest, and professions.

For example, when wishing birthday to your favorite teacher, you would look for a card with the title of “happy birthday to the best teacher” along with the teacher animated picture at the front layer of the card box.

Same as when you are looking for a card to wish your best friend a happy birthday your main focus will be the heading of “happy birthday to the world’s best human” or “happy birthday to my best friend”. This helps you in expressing your feelings without uttering a simple word. Embellish the card cover with ornaments, beads, or other pattern designs that would attract the consumer attraction.

Wedding theme gift cards

A wedding is supposed to be very important and once in a lifetime kind of event for people. The wishes, presents, and love given on these occasions are remembered for the rest of the couple’s lives.

Make sure that the wishes you are sending to your loved ones are encased in the most appealing and attractive way that it becomes unforgettable for them. As acting as an organization, you are suggested to cut the bulk of gift card boxes in a different shape that represents the wedding theme, groom or bride dresses, or the wedding cake.

This attractive technique would make your card win the race out of every other card with the same wishes in the market.

Bag shaped gift card holder

One of the most common yet very appealing and attractive types of customized gift card boxes is to cut the bag-shaped box for encasing your cards.

It makes it very easy for the receiver to carry the card and also prevents it from wear and tear, water, and dust. This is an appealing idea that makes your ordinary card extraordinary in a blink of an eye.

Pop-up gift card boxes

This is a very professional kind of gift card boxes that are used by businessmen, banks, industry owners, or celebrities.

Cards in presented in the flipping boxes that are attached from the back panel and gives an amazing and exciting look when opened. Their enclosures are customized with rigid magnets, ribbons, or just simple buttons.

Specially used for debit cards, credit cards, and introductory cards sent to the known personalities for product promotion, business extensions, and other professional uses.

Custom gift boxes are customized in any size, color, shape, and design. You can print the logo of your organization at the outer layer of your box or just leave with simple with glowing or dull finishing just as per your product needs and demands.

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