7 Things About Which You’re Lying to Yourself

When you do not have enough strength to get rid of illusions and admit to yourself a disappointing truth, you continue to hide from life as such. You may not even suspect how often you are betraying yourself simply because you are afraid of changes. Here are seven common things which you use to rely on illusions:

1. Narcissism Is a Temporary Phenomenon

Narcissism is not a matter of time, age or lack of love. It is a character trait that many psychologists and psychotherapists see as a personality disorder. You will not be able to influence the narcissus positively, but you will fully experience its negative influence on yourself. An overestimated self-esteem of such people leaves no place for happiness and healthy relationships.

2. You Can Control Everything

There are things in life that you can’t control and therefore getting upset about it is a waste of time. You can be fired at any moment, the weather can change your plans, not to mention more tragic situations. Control only that which depends on you and do not be mistaken that the world around exists only while you are here.

3. You Can Change People

It is unreal to change a person and even if someone succeeds in doing so, this is wrong. You can not and should not control the feelings and behavior of other people and try to correct them if you do not like something. We often lie that we are able to remake someone for ourselves or that behind us this person will be different.

But people change only when they want it themselves. Abandon hopes and dreams, learn to accept people as they are, and choose those with whom you don’t want to play the game of “change me”.

4. Only Exercises Will Make You Healthy

Regular training is an important step towards a healthy life, but this is not the only way to be healthy. If you go to the gym every day, but at the same time ignore proper nutrition, do not cure diseases on time, disregard your psychological health, then no fitness will save you or cure your chronic back pain. Instead of using sports as an excuse, start paying attention to your diet, as a combination of good habits is important in a healthy lifestyle.

5. You Will Be Able to Save Money in the Future

Before you start saving money, be honest with yourself and determine what kind of lifestyle you can afford and what are the unnecessary expenses and empty ambitions. You can start saving at any time and the sooner you start saving money, the better. You should not think only about the practical side of the matter and deny yourself absolutely everything just to achieve a bank account with a big sum.

6. You’re Not Good Enough

Constantly doubting whether you are good enough, you lose yourself and that valuable personality that you already have. As an exercise, write 3 qualities every day that you really love about yourself and reread them to yourself. This may seem awkward and stupid but in the process, you will realize how important it is to realize your significance and will become more confident.

7. You Have No Addictions

Drugs, sex, booze, sugar are all addictions. Although they carry completely different social burdens. Being a drug addict in society is considered negative, but being addicted to sweets is the same addiction but more acceptable. Do not be fooled when it comes to health, both physical and mental. Analyze your feelings and look for a way out if you realize that you can not control your needs.

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