7 Top Horror Series to Watch Right Now

Love horror movies? Does watching zombies, demons, werewolves, ghosts, and monsters roaming around in the streets fascinate you? If yes, you are my kind of a movie buff. But mind you, when it comes to making movies, creating a horror show is perhaps the most difficult form of art. It has to have the right amount of terror and creepiness to be compelling and keep its viewers intrigued.

Top Horror Series
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Talking of viewership, the genre has a huge one. And a majority of them like to watch online because streaming has become a way of life. All thanks to the widespread Spectrum Internet availability and other ISPs for that matter. They have provided us with incredible speeds, ensuring smooth streaming. Because nothing is as bad as having interrupted streaming when you are watching the climax of a horror series.

Following are some of the best horror series, which you shouldn’t miss.

7 Must-Watch Horror Shows

  1. Stranger Things.
  2. American Horror Story.
  3. Scream.
  4. The Haunting Of Hill House.
  5. Hannibal.
  6. Channel Zero.
  7. The X Files.

Let’s know some details about them.

Stranger Things

The show is wrapped up in the gentle fuzz of the 80s friendships. When it comes to scary shows, Stranger Things will not disappoint you. The Eleven’s powers sneak right into the sci-fi territory. But it’s the Upside Down and the Demogorgon which will haunt you in your dreams.

When the 12-year-old Will, son of Joyce (played by Winona Ryder) goes missing, it leads to a terrifying investigation. As the local authorities search for the answers, they end up unraveling a series of bizarre mysteries. They involve some unnerving supernatural forces, secret government experiments, and an unusual girl. Explore the rest on your own!

American Horror Story

Do you want to have chills racing down the spine? You need to watch this series from the creators of Glee. The series revolves around a family of three, Harmons. They decide to move to LA from Boston to reconcile with their past anguish. But they are unaware of the fact that they have moved into a haunted house.

Demonic creatures haunt the house and they have a history of spooking all the prior residents of the house. And it just doesn’t end there. These creatures end up devouring the residents. You need to watch this ludicrously watchable scary movie!


Scream is like treading into the territory of guilty pleasure with a post-modern mask on. It is the reinvention and the revitalization of the slasher-horror genre. It is funny, scary, and clever at the same time. You will see fright-masked maniacs with knives stalking students of high school.

As the body count starts mounting, the tension rises. The victims are not always those who you expect. Having to see teenagers getting picked one by one is not a good sight. Yet people find it scary and intriguing. Even until the end, it doesn’t get predictable. And that’s what the audience loves about it!

These series are available on many platforms like Roku free channels and others like popcorn times etc.

The Haunting Of Hill House

This occult and horror fiction is one of the most trending horror shows of all time. This adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel revolves around siblings who grew up in the country’s most haunted house. Now as adults, they are forced to face the tragedies and ghosts of their haunting past. But they must confront their past!

Some ghosts already lurk in their thoughts while others stalk the shadows of the Hill House. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this show is a horror masterpiece. The ghosts are disturbingly hidden and well positioned and the imagery is so twisted that you can’t help being scared.


A three-season Disturbia of cannibalism. It revolves around a criminal profiler, Will, who is gifted with a unique empathetic thinking process. He can even empathize with psychopaths. While he is helping the FBI with a particular serial killer, he seeks help from a brilliant psychiatrist names Hannibal Lecter. Their partnership becomes powerful. So much so that no villain is likely to escape them.

But soon, we find out that Lecter is harboring a dark secret. His mind is more on the dark side and he is more like criminals than Will could ever imagine.

Channel Zero

It is a worthy addition in our list of horror shows. Not because it has a creepy monster made up of teeth entirely. But because the plot is scary and interesting.

A group of teenagers ends up finding a mythical eerie house. Mike still has memories of this nightmarish event from his childhood. He also remembers the disturbing disappearance of his twin brother. When he goes back to investigate it, he finds out whatever happened back then is perhaps happening again.

The X Files

It is one of the longest-running sci-fi series in the history of TV. People have always loved the mind-boggling cases, which we call the X files. The government remains to be convinced that all the outlandish reports have no truth to them. The conspiracy theorist and the realist, Fox Mulder, and Dana Sully keep going on proving the truth that is right there. This series has become an intriguing pop-culture phenomenon.

For those who don’t like streaming and dig the quintessential TV experience, The X Files is aired on Fox channel. Check with your service provider because the channel is usually not included in all packages. But if you have Spectrum TV packages, you are good. No streaming, no waiting, just tuning right into the channel with a single click of a button!

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