7 Ways Odoo ERP can benefit HR department within SME Enterprise

From small scale to medium and large-scale enterprises, everyone is using HR software. It mainly lets the HR department have complete and swift control of the human resource process and employee management. Some hidden benefits of Odoo ERP for HR include efficient employee management, no need for manual data entry, employee appraisal, timesheet, and recruitment automation.


Currently, the top 3 ERP solutions available in the market are Odoo ERP, Zoho, and Sage Intacct.

But, here in this article, we have only discussed Odoo. We have reviewed Odoo ERP, precisely the ERP solution it provides to the HR department. And pointed out essential features from which small to medium-sized enterprises can benefits.

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Benefits Of Odoo ERP for HR

1. Recruitment Management

One of the most pressing things for any enterprise is employee recruitment. Usually, it takes up to 6 months for HR to review, evaluating, interviewing, and comparing applications. Above all, managing the interview schedules and the contract is a hassle too.

But with Odoo ERP, you can use AI to automate these tasks. The notable thing is you deploy Odoo Chatbot. It can automatically interact with every applicant, evaluate the resume against the job criteria, and scrutinize relevant applicants.

This way, HR can save time and invest efforts in the prospective applicant.

2. Employee Management

The next thing HR has to deal with, actually regularly, is employee management. No matter what the size of an enterprise is, managing employees is a full-time job. On top of that, HR has to provide personalized one-on-one experience in real-time.

What if we told you that with Odoo ERP Consultant, you could virtually do all of these things and much more within few clicks. With Odoo ERP for HR, you can empower employees by providing them a self-service portal to post queries, leave requests, and view payroll details. It also keeps track of every communication with employees. Additionally, you can compile data on employees across departments throughout the organization and provide meaningful support to every employee.

3. Leave Management

In addition to employee management, HR has to deal with managing employee time-off, leaves, and attendance. While doing all of these tasks manually means you might skip minor detail such as two employees leave and time-off overlapping. Not anymore!

With ERP, HR can virtually view the details of every employee in Gantt-Charts. This means you can approve the leave request or refute it by adding a comment. This way, HR can efficiently manage the teams and ensure talent available throughout the organization.

4. Time & Attendance Management

With Odoo ERP, HR can virtually keep track of every employee’s check-in and check-outs from a single dashboard. Moreover, data is directly synchronized with employees’ profiles; thus, HR can compile comprehensive reports on employees within few clicks, including leave behavior patterns, manage payroll, leave, and attendance without any hassle.

5. Employee Expense Management

Managing an enterprise means there will be companies conferences, seminars, on-shore or off-shore meetings, dinners, and lunches, which employee has to attend on companies’ behalf. Hence, keeping track of every expense, counterchecking the reimbursement details with receipt, and tallying date is a huge task.

However, with Odoo ERP, it isn’t anymore. HR can integrate the ‘Expense’ application and automate the whole process. Once an employee sends a picture or request for reimbursement, the system will automatically sort, organize, and evaluate the information. If any information seems missing, then it will send a notification to the employee. In the end, the only thing would be left to either refute or accept the reimbursement request.

6. Contract Management of Employee

Managing the employee’s contract, keeping track of contract modification, and incrementing records is a considerable task. Moreover, a single paper misplacement can result in chaos in the HR department. So, the solution is to opt for ERP. And, with Odoo ERP, you can keep track of every communication detail, store contracts on the cloud, virtually sign contracts, and record decisions on employee appraisal or increment with ease.

7. Appraisal Process Management

Every company has monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly appraisal policies for employee evaluation. With ‘Appraisal’ application integration, HR can create custom evaluation forms for self-evaluation, top-down or bottom-up for employees, set reminders for report retrieval, and automatically synchronize schedule with the calendar.

Parting Words…

Managing an enterprise of either 20 employees or 500 isn’t an easy task. And manual record-keeping of all employees is a huge hassle. But, utilizing ERP for every corporate or enterprise need has proven to be effective. In addition, automation allows every department to save time in recurring tasks. So, if you are about to opt for ERP, then remember, every ERP has unique features that support particular functions. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for open-sourced ERPs, support trial versions, and ensure a user-friendly interface.

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