7 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Parents lay down the foundation of their child’s behavior. They are the one who works as a guiding force in their child’s life and helps them to be a better person in the future. They incarnate the healthy habits in their children so that they follow the same when they grow up.

If your child fears something, then it is your duty to make sure that it goes away. One such fear is visiting a dentist. The fear is because of the atmosphere or due to the pain which they think they will face at the time of the treatment. They can also be afraid of the instruments used by the dentist and therefore, see their dentist as a devil.

As parents, it is now your duty to make sure that they do not have any dental anxiety as this will help them in keeping their smile healthy and ensure great overall health. There are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that you lay a healthy foundation from their teenage years to beyond.

Prepare them well in advance

Do not surprise them with their dental visit. Inform them that they have a dental visit well in advance. This will help them to build-up for the same and accumulate all the questions they have in mind about their teeth and dental care. Talk to them about their fear and try and answer all their queries. Create with them the scenario of visiting a dentist and what all will happen in the process. Be a patient listener and say only when they are done with their questions. Don’t get into the complex details of the treatment and try and ease them out.

Go for an early dental visit

Start taking your child as soon as he/she turns 1 or whenever their first tooth erupts. This will help them in the healthy practice of visiting a dentist. This way they can make friends with their dentist because they will know them since long. Not only will this help them to overcome the fear but will also help them to take care of their oral health well in advance. This will also ensure that they are prevented from any dental disease. The early dental visit will make them comfortable with the clinic environment and the way dentists work. They will be friendly with the doctor and the instruments and will start enjoying the dental visits.

Be positive and do not express your feelings

Even if you are afraid of visiting a dentist and are in pain after the visit, do not show this to your child. Your actions speak for you. Make sure the body language you are using match with your words. Children are great observers and they will know at once that there is some issue with the dental visit. Talk to them freely and explain the procedure but use positive language. Use your words wisely in a way that it should not scare your child. Emphasis on the fact that healthy mouth equals healthy living and why it is extremely important to take care of your Oral Health.

Do not bribe your child

Make the dental visit a fun-filled experience for them but do not in any circumstances bribe them. Promising them a picnic or candy or toys after the visit will do more harm than good. Because all these activities will increase their apprehensions and they will visit the clinic just for the rewards and will not be comfortable around the dentist. Show them that you are proud of their dental visit and appreciate them with words rather than the actions. This will motivate them and make them sure that their apprehensions are taken into knowledge and are being answered for.

Talk to them

There is no other remedy than talking. Make them comfortable and make sure that they talk freely to you about their apprehensions of visiting a dentist. Don’t be irritated and answer them with a lot of ease. Be a patient listener.

Practice good oral hygiene

For your child to develop healthy habits it is very important that you too follow the same. Brush with your child and if required explain them the correct technique of brushing. Help them to brush in the initial years to make sure that they follow the same technique in the future. Along with brushing develop in them the practice of rinsing after a meal and once they are of the age 7-8 years teach them how to brush.

Visit only a Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist specializes in dealing with kids. They have special training on the same. They make dental visits to your child a fun event. They have a way with kids as they can explain the kids well. Their clinics are based on kids’ model and do not give them the feel of a dental clinic at all. The treatment they do is like a game they enjoy playing. Therefore, it is very important to take your child to kids dentist only and never ignore dentistry for kids. If you want to visit kids dentist then look out for the nearest dentist and visit them.

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