8 Tested Health Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds

In the past few years, electric beds have gained immense popularity around the globe and is now the first choice of people for so many reasons. Lately, it was only found in hospitals but with time and improvement in style and designs, it is now widely-used by the people of various age groups. An electric adjustable bed is something that can be used for various reasons including sleeping positions as per the user’s preference.

Electric Adjustable Beds

Following are the eight tested health benefits of electric adjustable beds that can bring a positive change in your health and lifestyle.

  1. Lightens swelling in legs

A lot of people suffer from swelling in legs – from women who are expecting to people suffering from other illnesses like arthritis or limb injury. Lying completely flat pools the fluid in the body which increases inflammation and swelling. This inflammation and swelling in the body further leads to sleepless nights, restless mornings and pain in the body. Experts often suggest that legs must be raised few times in a day because it helps in reducing swelling in the legs. These electric adjustable beds can easily be adjusted so that the legs can be elevated in a comfortable position. The elevation of legs is not confined to people who have health issues, rather it is also advised for those in jobs who are mostly on their feet all day long. Returning home, after a busy day at work and on feet, rest in an electric adjustable bed with elevated legs can help a lot in fighting against common problems like varicose veins.

  • Relieve pain and Arthritis

Severe arthritis and various painful disorders can greatly be relieved if one makes use of electric adjustable beds. Aching and stiff joints can easily be alleviated by making little adjustments in the positioning of the mattress. This helps in taking off the weight from the affected areas for a peaceful and comfortable rest. These electric adjustable beds also ease morning stiffness that arises due to pain issues. The sleeper can lower the foot and raise the head as a support to get off the bed easily.

  • Enhance circulation in the body

Letting the body’s circulatory system work smoothly through the night will give a quality sleep. With the help of these adjustable bed bases, people can make adjustments in their sleeping positions to subdue the pressure allowing the blood to flow smoothly towards the heart and body. For those who have circulation issues, the electric adjustable beds can let the mattress be positioned to a certain level to increase oxygen and blood and flow.

  • Improves digestion

As we sleep, a human body works in processing and digesting the food. Lying flat on your stomach or back is never recommended as it hinders the body’s natural ability to process food. However, with the help of an adjustable bed one can easily lift the head to a recommended level of 6-inches to get the best digestion experience. Also when your digestion is improved, you sleep and wake healthier in the morning.

  • Lessen acid reflux and heartburn

Having heartburn and acid reflux is quite common even if you don’t sleep on a full stomach. The stomach acid moves to the esophagus especially when we lay flat on the mattress because lying flat leads to an uneasy symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. A 6-8 inch of inclination of the head is recommended to keep the stomach acids away from the throat. This helps in better sleep and healthier digestion.

  • Alleviate snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma

You must have seen people snoring uncontrollably. Snoring happens when we lay flat. Flat sleeping positions put extra effort on the windpipe resulting in a noise called snoring. However, when we sleep on these adjustable beds, the weight is automatically taken off the windpipe which reduces snoring. Just like snoring, asthma and sleep apnea are chronic breathing issues, which can be lessened by making use of electric adjustable beds. When you sleep in a better position, you allow your airflows to improve automatically along with reduced obstructions. All this gives you a healthier and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Lighten backaches

Allowing the bed to be adjusted both from foot to head will give good support to the back which can help in relieving some pressure from the sciatic nerve. Little adjustments in the bed’s base position lets the sleeper sleep easily and comfortably, since the position matches the body’s contouring in the best possible way. Severe conditions such as sciatica that occurs from the nerve in the spine can greatly be improved. Tilting your head by almost 45-degrees not only relieves compression but also reduces pain in the lower back. The slightly angled head position also prevents neck aches by providing a well-balanced platform which eliminates the need of multiple pillows.

  • Improves difficult breathing conditions

Lying completely flat on your back is not advisable as it can lead to a blockage of airways which can aggravate sleep apnea and snoring. However, when you sleep on an electric adjustable bed with a raised body position, the flow of oxygen increases in your body during sleep. This little adjustment not only improves your breathing but it also eases your breath, allowing you to sleep easier at night without experiencing sleep disturbance. People who often complain about allergies such as cold or dust allergies can greatly benefit from electric adjustable beds. There are many brands in the market that offer best quality electric beds but the electric adjustable bed by care to comfort is one of its kind because they are specialists in adjustable bed and recliner chairs. Their idea is to make good sleep and relaxation an affordable reality with their range of electric-powered adjustable beds and ergonomic mattresses. Comfort is now possible to achieve with their electric adjustable beds that help in achieving a stress free body position.

Other benefits of Electric adjustable beds:

  • More comfortable as compared to conventional beds
  • Give better quality of sleep to the people with severe conditions
  • Relieve pain from conditions like sciatica and arthritis
  • Give more independence to the elderly.

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