9 Best Rainy Season Businesses You Can Start Today

Best profitable business in rainy season – People always have seasonal needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you hit the pain point of people and start a business that not only serve people’s needs but also bring some money to your pockets? So, let’s take advantage of the seasonal needs and offer the appropriate business services.


You will find below a list of profitable rainy season business ideas.

Cold Weather Accessories and Apparels:

Starting a clothing store for cold weather can be an amazing option for those searching for a seasonal business. You can buy different products in bulk quantities and start selling to corporate offices and retail fashion shops. You can hire sales canvassers on a commission basis.

Lawn care business:

An unpopular belief! A rainy season is a right time to begin a lawn care business. A lot of individuals alongside large companies seek for lawn care service maintainers to help them beautify and take care of their environment.

You will have to advertise your services in newspapers, write an introductory letter to the environment ministry either at the state or local level or use digital marketing services. You can also approach property managers.

Who says you can’t knock on doors of property management and commercial businesses? They have a vast list of customers that require the services of lawn care service providers. So, you can kick off with two or three staff.

Roadside snacks:

During the rainy season, snacks such as cooked corn, roasted corn, and cooked groundnuts remain in demand. Pedestrians, passersby, and drivers would always need to buy hot snacks to quell their hunger and heat their bodies.

Your target audience should be densely populated street areas with large potholes that could delay traffic. As vehicle drivers slow down, they will notice you and buy your snacks.

Gardening – Flower and Herbs Farming:

Flowers survive much better during rainy seasons. Plants provide the basis for all

  • landscapes,
  • homes,
  • gardens and
  • brightening offices

So, you will need to pay small amounts for seed packets and make money more when selling starter plants. The more area you have, the better you will be at it.

If you need the space in your outdoor garden and landscape, you can make gardens where you will grow your plants and dry them out. This will bring much more to your inventory and you can make money by selling dried flowers to wholesalers, retailers, and even flower shops.

Make Mosquito Pop up Nets:

Through pretty flowing fabric and some household objects, it is quite possible to craft a beautiful and functional pop up mosquito net. Materials you will need for the construction of a mosquito net are;

  • stud finger,
  • 4-inch metal “O” ring,
  • cup hook,
  • 2-feet diameter embroidery hoop,
  • 20 yards of tight weave chiffon fabric,
  • 4 feet of satin cord or ribbon,
  • hot melt glue and
  • clear hot melt glue sticks

A pop up mosquito net is straightforward to make and easy to use. They eliminate the requirement for frequent use of dangerous chemicals. Mosquito nets can be attractive and institutional.

Umbrella Sales and Stocks:

Pretty straightforward as prospective investors are advised to purchase umbrellas wholesale and start selling branded umbrellas to different organizations. Always remember that companies choose the colors that match their logo.

Modern umbrellas are made through fabrics (commonly nylon) that can sustain drenching rain and ones that can fold easily and dry quickly. They are available in an array of colors and designs. You can buy in large quantities for retail and the prices can range from $350 to $550 depending on the size.

Tarpaulin Hire Business:

Numerous individuals organizing parties outside their houses enlist covering to safeguard them from the downpour. You can bring in cash by taking part in the tarpaulin hire business. If you need more cash to purchase a fresh one, you can rent it from dealers and recruit out to the individuals who need it, accepting the commission as your margin.

Pest Control:

A home-based pest control business can offer you a healthy income. There are different types of pest controls such as rodent insect or control, or your business can specialize in all pest control services.

There are various methods now in use to control pests, such as

  • chemical-based sprays and
  • organic-based sprays

This will also need to be considered in terms of the forms of methods you will use. Overall, a pest control service can be a profitable business venture during rainy seasons and can generate profits in millions per year. You can approach big corporate organizations stressing the benefit of pest control and what healthy living can bring to them.

Hire Water Pumping Machines:

A lot of homes get flooded during rainy seasons. This creates a business opportunity for you to buy a water pumping machine and hire out these to clear the flooded area and channel the water to the gutters.

During emergency rains when there is zero entrance to a whole street, can charge more through a water pumping machine. All you require is to

  • identify such flooded areas,
  • move in with your pumping machines and
  • charge appropriately

Wrap Up

A rainy season is an all-year event. Thus, if you get some time and money to invest in a business venture then check above the ones that best describe your dream business. Exploit the money-making possibilities and use them as your keys to success.

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