A Guide for TENS Unit

In the last 10 years, the medical sector has developed so fast that it has given a new dimension to various treatment strategies. Here in this post, we will talk about how technologically advanced equipment can heal different types of body pains. There are many high-quality TENS units available in the market with different features to choose from. We will talk about the TENS unit which is abbreviated for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit.

A guide for TENS Unit

What is a TENS unit?

It is a type of medical equipment which is used to provide relief from different types of body pains. TENS device works on the principle of using electrical currents that are transferred to targeted body parts. This device is preferred because it is completely drug and prescription-free in nature. It also does not require any surgical procedures.

The working

The TENS unit is designed to generate a controlled amount of electrical impulses. These electrical impulses then move to the targeted site for relieving pain. These impulses also help in increasing the production of natural pain killer in the body. TENS unit also plays a role in improving blood circulation by repeated contraction and expansion of blood vessels.

For what kind of pain TENS unit can be used?

It is not fixed that TENS therapy is for any specific type of pain. It can be used for many conditions including:

  • Neck pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Menstrual pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
The benefits

Let us put some light on the benefits of TENS therapy for relieving pain.

  • Non-invasive

One of the prime benefits of this therapy is that no surgical procedure is there. During the treatment, you will not experience any kind of physical invasion.

  • Drug-free

Another reason why TENS therapy is preferred by most patients is that you don’t have to take any kind of medicine during treatment. So, patients don’t have to worry about any side effects.

  • It’s natural

The TENS unit works way by assisting the production of pain killer hormone endorphins naturally in the body. All of this is done by the electrical impulses generated by the equipment.

  • Low pain signals for the brain

This therapy has shown to decrease the number of pain signals received by the brain, which in turn provides better relief from the pain. This is said to be achieved by nerve stimulation.

  • Relief from inflammation & swelling

Not only pain, but TENS therapy has also shown to reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Free from side effects

This therapy has not seen any side effects on the users. But, due to misuse & overuse side effects can be there. So use it only when it is necessary.

  • Versatility

A TENS unit can be used for both acute and chronic pain. It has shown good effectiveness for both conditions.

  • Ease of use

There are models available in the market that you can use them at home on your own. TENS is simple to use and you can easily adjust voltage and other parameters as per doctor’s preference. Most of the models used are compact and portable in nature.

  • Affordability

Buying a TENS machine for personal use or getting this kind of therapy is affordable in nature as it not much expensive. You also don’t have to get any prescription from the doctor to buy the TENS device.

How electrical impulses are transferred to the target site?

We did talk multiple times that electrical impulses are transferred via skin to provide relief from pain. But the question is how it will happen? Don’t worry, we will clear this doubt. A TENS unit uses electrode pads that are placed on specific nerves. These pads serve as a medium for transfer of electric impulse to the target site.

Basic parameters used in TENS unit

The TENS unit works on three simple parameters intensity, frequency, and duration.

  • Intensity

It is the amplitude of simulation that can be easily set by the provided knob or button as per requirement.

  • Frequency

It is defined as the number of electrical impulses transferred per second into the skin. The frequency range will depend according to a chronic or acute condition. It is advisable to ask the doctor about these parameters before using to prevent any side effects.

  • Duration

The normal duration is 10 to 15 minutes. Still, it will depend upon the condition plus frequency & intensity. The physician is the only one who can guide correctly about the duration for your TENS therapy.

When to avoid TENS therapy?

As we have discussed that TENS is one of the best methods for relieving different kinds of pain. But there are certain conditions in which it must be avoided.

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During pregnancy, TENS therapy should not be taken in pelvic and abdominal are.

Seizures can be seen in people with epilepsy if used anywhere near the head region.

People who have implants with electrical devices or any metal implant must avoid taking this therapy. It could be harmful to such people.

Heart patients are also advised to avoid using any TENS therapy.

We feel that this post might have given you a basic idea about the TENS unit and how it works. It will help you decide when to take TENS therapy and when not. You can also buy one device for home if regular therapies are prescribed by the doctor.

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