A little glow and a bit of glitter

What is it with beauty trends that make people await new ones every year? That “look good” industry has been revolutionised by Instagrammers and bloggers in the past 3 to 4 years. These intrepid explorers of the cult of beauty have been trying out revolutionary trends from coloured armpit hair to mermaid tresses and what not.

A little glow and a bit of glitter

Extreme contouring and highlights have found a new dimension all together. Giving honest feedbacks to the make-up artists are speaking up for their right to wear makeup and demanding more colour inclusive makeup.

While makeup artists are defining the overall looks, beauty is not a “one size fits all” any longer. There are a lot of more voices, much more colour, more highlights and a heavy contouring and a democratisation of what is the idea of beauty. Keeping the changing beauty landscape in mind, the year is looking forward to some refreshing changes – something that veers more towards natural beauty and yet keeping it real. Explore best beauty products online with amazing discounted rates via Nykaa Sale Offers from top international brands.

Here are some trends that are ready to give you a facelift to your new year.

Oil is well

Your face and your body needs some lift this season. Opt for some nourished face and body oils that will pep up and lift up the glands by giving a natural glow to your skin. Face and body oils are hot. They are being used as a base for face, just like a primer. This gives a light and a natural light/glow on skin. Plus, it’s great for the health of your skin too. So what’s the harm if your skin glows and gets better? Body oils are in vogue as a base prior to body makeup, for that extra shine – and why not on your legs for that sexy shine. Body oils like lavender, sandalwood and various other aroma oils can do wonders for your skin.

Back from the facialist skin

Good skin care regime is a popular thing now. Today, girls and women are much aware about how to take good care of their skin. Good skincare is taking as much centre stage as makeup. The clean and glowing skin with a hint of natural flush and glow. This is that look when you just get a fresh facial done – that natural brightness and a fresh glow on your skin. This is exactly what is truly in. There are bloggers and artists influencers, also the actresses who are giving various tips and tricks for enhancing natural glow and brightness. Ask makeup experts about regular skin care routine, they will guide you to invest in some good serums and moisturizers to hydrate your skin and keep them radiant. Raise your skin care regimen a notch up.

Bring on that glitter

If you thought that glitter so overdone, then you were probably wrong. Heavy highlighted cheeks, those glittery eyes and heavy contouring has been on both national and international trend from past 2 years. Brides, models on ramps and even that light party makeup looks have been including these international as well national makeup trends. There is glitter on your lips and sparkle on your hair too, say makeup artists. Heavily glittered eyes – both on upper and lower lids create magic for the brides to be.

Happy shades

Those reds and pinks and other simple shades for eyes are outmoded. Fangled are shades that are too common. Think turquoise, smoky, purple, nudes and other bright tones for your eyes. These cheerful colours are ruling currently and will rule the roost. You will find them everywhere – on your lids, your lips and of course your hairs and nails too. Adorn these shades neatly and wildly in hair buns/braids, eyelids and nails and bring out that big trend.

Leaves and buds and flowers in your hair

Of course not, we are not telling you to grow a garden full of roses on your head. This is the next big thing that has been ruling the makeup trends from past couple of years. However, to beat that madness of giving a flowery and floral look, you can adorn floral hair accessories and other soft leaves in your hair. This of course gives a very playful look. Rose buds, geranium, carnations and gypsy buds give that astonishing and fetching look with a messy hair do. Try out unconventional hair styles that pep up your look. Take bright coloured floral accessories rather than those reds and pinks. You can check about some of the best hair solutions available online with trending Amazon Offers on beauty products.

These are the latest trends that can be seen and that are seen in beachside weddings, destination weddings, baby shower parties and bachelorette parties.

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