Airbnb Steps to Creating a Perfect Housing

Many people may feel safer staying in an Airbnb because they know they will be the only family using the space. Cooking in is also more economical and sometimes even kind of fun in a different kitchen. Airbnb use is on the rise, but if you’re thinking of renting out your home or purchasing a second home to use as an Airbnb, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.


Pest Control

There is no excuse for insects or rodents on your rental property, so taking care of pests should be your first priority. Although in your own home an occasional roach is not cause for alarm, in a rental it can color the entire experience. The best way to avoid this problem is to have regular and thorough inspections by professional exterminators in popular tourist areas such as the South Bay California area or your local neighborhood.

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Pest control home inspectors can help pinpoint potential problem areas such as planters that hold standing water that might attract mosquitoes or loose siding that might invite mice or rats in.


Presenting a spotless rental is of prime importance. The temptation might be to clean your Airbnb yourself after each guest, and if you are a very detail-oriented person who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty, this might work for you. However, consider how many hours it will take you to clean a very messy property versus having a team of professionals who can get in and out quickly. If you are cost conscious, you might consider splitting the work. You can show up first and strip the beds, start the wash, and take out the trash. Your team can complete the deep clean. Later, you can circle back through to remake the beds and leave any treats for your next set of guests.

Kitchen Supplies

It would be impossible to predict what every renter will need in the kitchen, so it’s a good idea to list on the Airbnb site exactly what you do and do not have. Most guests won’t expect a blender or a cake mixer, but a toaster oven is nice, for example. Aside from the basics, consider what you would like in a vacation kitchen such as a bottle opener, foil and tongs for grilling, mixing bowls and a strainer. Occasionally taking a stroll through the kitchen section of a nice Goodwill store can help you trick out your kitchen with extras that you won’t need to worry about if they get broken.


It should go without saying that the beds in your rental need to be ultra-comfortable. It’s smart to utilize mattress pads on each bed, but make sure they do not have a crinkly plastic layer which is both noisy and hot. Provide a variety of pillow types and high-end sheets and comforters. Using a duvet system keeps the comforters fresh for each guest. Providing a small bedside rug for cold floors is a nice touch. In addition, make sure every side of every bed has both a nightstand and small lamp.


There is a wise saying that you should always spend a night or two in your own guest room to know if it’s really comfortable, and this same truism applies to a rental property. If you’re renting out your actual home, consider having a few friends come stay for a “trial run” and then give you notes on what amenities you might have overlooked. Especially if it’s your house, it’s difficult to anticipate what others might find confusing such as a hidden light switch or how to use the TV remote. In addition, think about what hotels offer that travelers have become used to such as hairdryers and luggage stands.

Running an Airbnb can be rewarding both personally and financially. The key to being successful at it is satisfied guests who leave glowing reviews. Thinking like a guest will help you anticipate what turns an okay rental stay into an exceptional one. 

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