All you need to know about Couple intimate massage

You might have heard about intimate massages many at times and we know it has made you curious a lot of times. Well, intimate massage is actually based on various principles of yoga combined with sensual erotic caresses occasionally. Various agencies offering couples massage in London are experts in providing intimate massage experience to partners. I too was perplexed when I was there for the first time, but I realized after the first experience that it is more about physical and spiritual connection.

Couple intimate massage

In intimate massages there is extended use of hand and body of the masseuse to enhance the feeling of intimacy with the recipient for a deeper connection. Many agencies that offer couples massage in London have reported that couples who take intimate massage together i.e. side by side, they have reported an appreciable rise in their sexual drive. I must accept that it was much more sensuous than other reportedly sensual activities.

I solicited few escort massages who claimed they were better than any intimate massage in London. To my surprise, their claims were as futile as the escort rendering her service. Me and my partner were satisfied to the core and we achieved better orgasm during the intimate massage. I read that in certain Asian countries intimate massages were practiced specifically by professionals who didn’t want to ruin the heavenly experience of people who had couples massage in London.

I had this misconception that intimate massage used only hands for delivering pleasure. Actually, intimate massage is done using each and everybody part of the masseuse. The masseuse uses her breasts, fingers, feet, heels and all other parts that can make you moan in bed! Couples massage in London is one of the best experiences to explore sensuality in an innovative way. A good intimate massage can awake your consciousness beyond limits.

During intimate massages the masseuse and the massage recipient are required to be naked. It is necessary for both of them to connect physically as well as spiritually. The masseuse might also want to add erotic elements while giving you a massage. It improved my sensory receptiveness and physical responses during sexual activities.

You might think that what kind of people actually benefit from intimate massage. Well if you are a man then there are a lot of chances that you would be benefitted the most. I personally vouch for couples massage in London’s guaranteed benefits in case of any dysfunction or health issue.

For women, there is a special type of “Yoni massage” that is a type of vaginal massage. It is difficult for women to achieve orgasm however, this massage will make the journey easier but not without a good, sensuous tantric massage.

The intimate massage is really a good experience which is aimed at improving the sex life and providing something new.

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