Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba

Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba represents the world’s greatest ecommerce markets. These three websites are popular for providing best online goods. In order to compare their strengths and weaknesses, here we are discussing their rudiments and market place evaluations.

Amazon vs eBay vs Alibaba

On the go Shoppers:

Amazon is considered as the largest seller online. As Amazon provides services through which people can sell and buy products at the same time, so it has approximately 270 million active purchasers. Alibaba attracts the maximum of 367 million whereas eBay has 157 million buyers. In comparison of Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba, Alibaba has the maximum active buyers.

Amazon vs eBay vs Alibaba Comparison Chart


Now let’s talk about the revenue of Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba. Amazon has the highest income rate which is 95.808 million dollars. Then comes eBay with 8,644 million dollars revenue. Alibaba has revenue that comes out to be 13.1 billion dollars. We can say that revenue of these three companies is not comparable because Amazon holds its most inventory, on the other hand eBay and Alibaba performs as a middlemen among the buyers and the sellers.


Again Amazon beats the other two companies in place of workers. Amazon has the largest number of employees. Amazon pays salaries to just about 109,800 people. These workers ensure the quality of services provided to the customers. eBay comes next to Amazon, it has a total number of 36,500 employees. Beside these two companies, Alibaba on the other hand has 26,000 workers.

Business Approaches:

Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba has different business models. Amazon is entirely different from the rest of the companies. On the other hand, Alibaba and eBay have almost same business approaches. For the reason that, Amazon sells products directly to its customers. Apart from direct retailing, Amazon also allows retailers to sell uncommon products through Amazon, it does so the revenue is not diluted.

eBay and Alibaba are more alike. Both companies act as a traders between sellers and purchasers. eBay is preferred by users because they allow to personalize listings. Through its services people can sell their products with the help of eBay workers. Alibaba deals with 12 million orders because of its best strategies.


Amazon and Alibaba both have the largest shares of online market. Since, Amazon sells both new as well as used products, Alibaba acts as a brokers in between purchasers and retailers. From above details it is shown that Alibaba has all-out active shoppers. According to revenue reports of 2014 Amazon vs. eBay vs. Alibaba, Amazon has the maximized revenue among all. In defend of eBay, its market shares are very stable than other two companies. So all three of them have different strengths and weaknesses, but above all they provide excellent services to their customers.

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