Ambala: Do You Think You Have Anything To Explore In This City?

Ambala is a popular city in Haryana and it can give tourists a good time.  The city caters some good spots to visitors. Though, these are not too popular yet worth visiting. You can experience the historic environment in this city. The spots will tell you the stories you might love to hear and experience.

Delhi to Ambala bus

Whether you live in New Delhi or Old Delhi, the spark of this capital of India is unique. You can get everything that you want. Whether you want to go to lavish restaurants, walk in the gardens, visit historic spots, want to visit shrines or any other place; Delhi is amazing. But what if you try out a smaller place nearby to explore like Ambala? Yes, take Delhi to Ambala bus and go to this place for exploring what the city has stored for you. You might be surprised to know about the things that you can do in this city. It is not difficult to do Delhi to Ambala bus booking. Once you are in this city you can experience the things that the land has to offer. Have a look at some of the spots you can go to.

Badshahi Bagh Gurudwara

It lies near the district courts of Ambala city. The spot commemorates the visit of Guru Gobind Singh, who lived here while returning from Lakhnaur, where he had gone to see his maternal parents. He stayed in the garden at this place, under a bunch of trees. A tank has also been constructed near the Gurudwara Badshahi Bagh.

Bhawani Amba Temple

It is considered that the name of city Ambala has been originated from the name of Goddess Amba. Her temple is located in the city. It is a temple of the old period and it has been there since a very long period. It is a beautiful temple and you can experience peace of mind at this spot. When you are in the city, don’t skip visiting this temple.

European Cemetery

Twenty heroes of the Anglo-Boer War which took place during 1899 to 1902 in South Africa, who were brought as convicts of war, lay buried at this cemetery after they were executed for conducting a war against the British. So, by any chance if you have an interest in reading and knowing about heroes, then this spot might turn out to be a source of attraction to you.

Holy Redeemer Church

It was constructed under the British rule, when troops of East India Company were moved from Karnal to Ambala. Built in 1848, the Catholic Church also has two rooms initially formed for the troops, which are used as a dispensary and even a reading room today. The church was visited by Lord Ripon and he was the only Catholic Viceroy of India. 

So, it is always good to know about new places and explore the places that carry significance. Do check Delhi to Ambala bus schedule and head to this city of Haryana for a quick trip.

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