How Do I Fix The Screen of An Android Phone?

Android screen repair – All the Android Phones have a touch screen as their display, and it is a given fact that touch screens tend to malfunction at times. If your screen is broken or if there is a problem with the screen that you cannot solve at all, then any phone repair service shops can get it fixed, and if you stay in London (ON), then the best brand for phone repair in London is Mobile Junction. However, we have listed a few simple tips to solve this issue by yourself. 

how to fix Android phone screen

Check Your Memory Usage

If the RAM of your android phone is full, this might cause your screen to malfunction. Heavy apps usually take up a lot of space, and, sometimes the screen might freeze when you cannot exit or switch off the phone. Always make sure that your RAM has free space. In extreme cases, you can use the “force stop” option to free some RAM space. 

Touch Screen Calibration

Calibration is one of the best solutions if your Android phone screen is malfunctioning or the colors are getting distorted somehow. There are free apps that detect the accuracy of the responses of your phone to your touch. Besides, you can always visit a phone repair service shop. The executives can help you solve the issue very easily. 

Remove the Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses or protective screens might usually not fit in well with the surface of your phone’s touch screen and, you might face problems with your phone’s Touch screen. If you face any problem with the touch screen of your android phone, try removing the tempered glass, and hopefully, you will be able to access your phone directly through the touch screen. You can always get the right touch screen at any phone repair service shops easily.

Test the Touchpoints

There are times when you will notice that some areas of your phone’s touch screen might not respond to your touch. In such a case, you should try testing the screen for any faulty areas. There are free apps that will help you do this, and they are easily available on the Play Store. And if the problem is still not solved, you can easily visit a shop that offers phone screen repair services and get the job done at an affordable cost.


This is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to solve any problem related to your Android phone. This step is sometimes also termed as “power-cycle.” You can manually turn off the Android device and wait for at least ten seconds before turning on your device. This process helps you solve any minor hitches or software bugs and can even solve your touch screen issue.

Check the Charger

You must use the charger originally provided with your phone when you bought it. If your touch screen is malfunctioning only when you are charging your phone, this might be a problem that can be traced back to a defective charger. There are many times when our phone runs out of battery, and we charge it by any charger available around you, but if you do this continuously, it might cause irreparable damage.

Soft Reset

Since screen malfunctioning is a widespread problem, you need to worry about absolutely nothing. If you still have access to your touch screen somehow, you can go for the soft reset option. To do this, you can access the “Settings” option from your phone, select “Backup and reset,” and then select “Factory data reset.” It will restore your phone to all the factory defaults. It would help if you went for this option when you are sure that there is no hardware breakdown.

Hard Reset

When you notice that none of the options above is working, you should go for the “hard reset” option. To do this, you need to press and hold the Power button Volume-Up button together. You can then navigate using the volume keys and move on to select “wipe data/ factory reset.”

All the above tips are quite simple, and you can follow them very easily to solve any touch screen problems all by yourself. However, some problems cannot be solved without the help of trained executives. Mobile Junction is one of the best phone repair shops in London (ON) and, they offer you all kinds of repair services at the best possible rate and provide you with guaranteed good service and quality.

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