Things to Do on Uluru/Ayers Rock Tours in Northern Territory

One of the most famous tourist spots in Australia, Ayers Rock or Uluru (the name derived after aboriginals) dots the Uluru-Kata Tjuta, National Park. You can find it in the southwest direction of the Northern Territory. Its strategic location makes it adjacent to the center of the country.

Uluru/Ayers Rock Tours in Northern Territory

People often come to the site to view its miraculous sunrise and sunset scenery when this 348 high monolith rock changes its color from ochre to burnt orange and crimson red.

Uluru is a natural rock formation that started taking shape about 550 million years back. Some tourists find this place to be spiritually vibrant the very first time they see it. You can come to this landmark by a walking tour, a camel ride, or self-driving. Once here, you can look forward to doing a lot of fun and exciting things.

Explore the base of Uluru

If you want to immerse yourself in its grandeur and glory, then take a walking tour of the bottom of the Ayers Rock. It will be about 9.4km. On this walk, you can sit down near beautiful waterholes, relax under a resplendent Sheoak tree, or set your eyes on the hidden caves. To understand the significance of this place, you can take a local guide along to listen to the stories handed down by one generation to the other. When you walk through the base, there will be much to discover about rock art, flora and fauna, and its geology.

The journey becomes more fun when some incredible facts about this place unfold. For example, what you see on the top is only the summit of massive rock slabs that start from up to 6 kilometres down the ground. In this area, you can come across as many as 415 species of flora, 178 types of birds, 73 varieties of reptiles, and 21 kinds of mammals along with many bugs, ants, and spiders.

The walking trails are many here, and most of them are wheelchair-friendly. You can choose any of them if you wish though climbing is also an option.

Have dinner under a starry night

Nothing can look more pleasurable and surreal than having dinner under the star-studded sky in the desert, tasting the authentic rural flavours. Many tour operating companies offer excellent dinner packages to their customers based on their budgets and preference. You can join one to experience the best of this place.

Spend time at Uluru-Kata Tjuta Culture Centre

When entering the park, stopover at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre to learn about Anangu culture, the park, and the activities. You will get an opportunity to have a look at the Maruku Arts that covers different crafts, such as basket weaving, traditional canvas paintings, woodwork, etc. You can see demonstrations as well as learn from the local artists a few tricks about these crafts. Visiting Maruku Retail Gallery at the Centre can be a fascinating experience for you. So, if you are in Australia, do make a plan to visit this place. It can be one of the best parts of your Australian tour.

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