How to Heal Naturally with Ayurveda?

Ayur means ‘life’ and Veda means ‘science’, almost all of us have come across this terminology. Ayurveda in India came into existence by the various research cultivated by the sages, approximately 5000 years ago. Ayurveda in today’s world is one of the oldest yet a modern way of providing medication. It mainly focuses on healthy living and longevity. The main motive of Ayurveda is to enhance the living standards by providing various Ayurvedic treatments in the form of natural herbs and Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is not just confined to medical treatments and techniques but it focuses on flourishing a completely healthy and disease-free life. Ayurveda believes in the complete refreshment, nourishment, and rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul naturally.

According to Ayurveda, each individual has its unique body type. It is a blend of emotional, physical and mental aspects that are known as Doshas in Ayurvedic Scriptures. Doshas are also divided into three major parts such as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The world is acknowledging the importance of Ayurveda and its various treatments. In India, there are many Ayurvedic Treatments center that provides proper medication which helps to heal and cure the disease permanently. People across the world travel to India to seek the best Ayurvedic Treatments and therapies to cure their disease. Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala is one of the most famous medication spots for Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies. Here, in this article, we have tried to explain the various healing process, treatments, and therapies that can help us to cure fatal health problems.

Various Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies: Read to know more!

Ayurvedic Treatment also has a philosophy. It believes, that it is possible for every human being to live freely without any health problems if the mind, body, and soul are in perfect coordination. The Ayurvedic Science believes in five elements and that is Panchmahabhoot. The five elements are Earth(Prithvi). Water (Jal), Fire (Aag). Air (Vayu) and Ether(Aakash). Here’s a brief description of various Ayurvedic Treatments that can help you.

List of diseases and Ayurvedic Treatments 

  • Abhyangam: For pain mental stress, De-toxification Gastric Problems and weight or immunity problems
  • Shirodhara: Skin problems and Paralysis
  • Kashayadhara: Insomnia and Stress
  • Greeva Basti: Hair fall or Psoriasis
  • Janu Basti: Neck pain or Neck arthritis
  • Kati Basti: Knee pain and knee arthritis
  • Spine Basti: Back Pain and lumbar Spondolysis
  • Kizhi: Spine Arthritis and Spondolysis of spine
  • Mukha Lepam: Pain and mental stress
  • Netra Tarpanam: Skincare and Skin conditions
  • Soundaraya: Skincare treatment
  • Ubtan: Scalp and hair care
  • Udvartanam: Skincare

The Panchakarma Treatment

It is one of the famous ways of Ayurvedic treatments that focus on the purification to clean the body from various toxins. The therapies are divided into five parts:


It refers to the medicines that help to induce vomiting so that the toxins get eliminated from our body.


Removal of toxins by the evacuation of bowels.

Basti :

Different herbal mixtures like oil, ghee or milk are prepared and then are regulated in the rectum.


It refers to nasal drops as it brings relief from the various types of issues like hair problems, respiratory issues and many more.


A process of letting out blood through leeches and cuts made by any metal instrument. Through this process, the impure blood comes out.

Ayurvedic Treatments by Herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs play a vital role as it has healing properties. You can use all these herbs for cooking and skincare. You must also have an Ayurvedic First-aid box for an emergency. 

These are some of the therapies and treatments that can be done with the help of Ayurveda Courses in India. The entire motive of Ayurveda is not just to heal the disease but eventually cure it permanently. This holistic way of healing focus on correct food habits, proper lifestyle, building of a strong immunity system, stress and panic-free life. Ayurveda strives for a healthy life mentally, physically and spiritually. 

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