Most Favorite Destinations to Go Backpacking in Style

Backpacking travel Tips – One of the most rewarding forms of travel is backpacking. With a few clothes on your back and a ticket in your hand, you are all set for a backpacking trip. But where do you go for your next backpacking trip?

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Best backpacking destinations – Here, we have come up with a list of ten destinations to head to for your next backpacking trip.


Plenty of sights, opulent culture and easy affordability make Thailand a popular backpacking destination. Further, it is easy on the pocket. Shaila, who recently vacationed in Thailand says that the traditional culture, dense jungles, serene beaches, and the hip enclaves, make it a must-visit destination. The country has a famous backpacking trail which makes it an accessible and easy destination for both travel veterans and first-time backpackers.


Vietnam has a vibe that’s full of hope and is frenetic. Endowed with eclectic cities, Vietnam gives backpackers an excellent opportunity to experience the complex past of the country. Angelina, a regular backpacker, who offers online best affiliate marketing course service, adds that one must not miss out on the lip-smacking delicacies of the country hidden amidst the colonial backstreets. Here, you can rent a motorcycle, and head for an epic road trip to the expansive Ho Chi Minh highway. Other things to do include cruising across the Ha Long Bay. The offbeat beaches, mountain tribes, and the magnificent countryside make Vietnam a backpacker’s paradise.


The good thing about Cambodia is that it has something to cater to every type of backpacker. Though Southeast Asian traditions are diminishing here, the backpacker party trail of Cambodia keeps you at your toes. The relaxed towns and cities showcase the complex past of the country. Further, if you are seeking some quiet and peaceful time, you can head to the palm-fringed islands or the deserted and pristine beaches. When here, don’t forget to take a tour of the ancient temples of Cambodia, which speaks volumes of the rich and diverse culture of the country.


Kiara, a Peru local, who offers online python homework help services, adds that if there’s one destination that has it all, then it is Peru. For backpackers traveling to Peru, a trek to Machu Picchu is unmissable. You can also explore the Andes’s colorful culture and visit the magnificent Amazon, when here. To meet people like you, visit the backpacker hangouts on the Pacific coast and be a part of hip beach parties. 


Samantha, a Laos local, offers best essay writing service online states, that the biggest treasure of the country is its people. A trip to Laos will take you onto a new world of cultural immersion and adventure. From sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, in a peaceful local market, to admiring the beauty of the quaint Mekong river, Laos will indeed win your heart at every turn. 

Sri Lanka

Often Sri Lanka is overshadowed by its neighboring country India, but people who have been to the country know, how beautiful this island country is. The white-sand beaches, myriad of local dishes, scenic rail system, and the jungle-laden mountains, make Sri Lanka a backpacking gem.  


It can be a challenge to get around Bolivia, however, it is worth all the pain. None the less, it is all going to be a part of the fun. Illeana, who recently did a backpacking trip to Bolivia, says it is the surreal landscapes that make her want to go back to the country over and over again. 


Spain is one country that is affordable, exotic and wilder than any other place in Western Europe. Tia, who loves Spain, and offers do my programming homework online services adds that looking at how expansive and diverse this country is, you’ll see a world unto itself. From the cool districts in Madrid to the Moorish cities in the south, tiny mountain villages, and Modernista landmarks of Barcelona, Spain is more than just a beach location.  


Honestly, no two travelers have had a unanimous opinion on India. Some leave India overwhelmed while others are mesmerized by the beauty of the country. However, irrespective of the complexities and paradoxes, India remains backpacker’s favorite go-to destination. You will fall in love with the grandeur of Indian architecture depicted via its numerous forts and palaces. If you want to enjoy some beach and parties, you can head to Goa. However, if you want peace and beauty, Kerala should be your go-to place. For some lip-smacking delicacies, Delhi is the hub.

 New Zealand

Last but certainly not least is New Zealand. It is a small island that has massive scope for backpackers who live for the jaw-dropping outdoors and landscapes. Here, you can find bus lines that are particularly dedicated to serving the backpackers. It makes meeting and greeting other backpackers so easy and convenient. Some of the must-do things here include renting a campervan and hitchhiking. Be it surfing at Raglan, trekking in Fiordland or skydiving in Queenstown, every experience in New Zealand, will leave you thrilled. If you want to take on a backpacking trip soon, you should start with New Zealand. 

So, these according to us are the top ten destinations for your next backpacking trip. Do let us know in the comments below, which one you opted for. 

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