Benefits of including podcasting as a content strategy

We are lucky to have witnessed the greatest invention of all time, the internet. People try to bring new and innovative ideas all the time.

We saw how swiftly television sets replaced the radios and how rapidly social media applications are replacing books and newspapers. A podcast can be taken as an example of it, too, if reading books were made comfortable with keeping your eyes closed.

Benefits of including podcasting as a content strategy

It has been accelerating its mark in the social media industry for a few years. It is a new age information source available for people with expert opinions of specific fields to talk and discuss various topics.

Today there are many popular podcasts channels such as Radiolab and the Daily, etc. As the impact of social media increases, a wide range of scope is available for advertisers and individuals for monetizing podcasts. In this article, we will explore how podcasting is adding value for content strategists all around the world.

1. The Advantage of lower competition

The social media marketing war is all about timing and putting up the right content in the right place. Since there is a little competition on the podcasting channels, as compared to other mediums, it gives an edge to digital marketers. The numbers speak for themselves since there are more than 60 million business pages on Facebook and only 70,000 active podcast channels. The numbers shrunk further when you filter topics.

Now think of a topic that is relevant to your niche but has only a handful of other speakers. Guess what? You will have a larger audience to listen to you. Yes, we are talking about hundreds to thousands of listeners.

2. Easy to engage your listeners

It takes a no-brainer to gather listeners for your podcast. If you compare the same amount of effort with your blog content which people have to read or even vlogs, which requires someone to sit or watch on the go. All you need your listener to hit the play button, and that’s all.

It is an ideal medium for listeners, to multiple tasks while listening to podcasts. So think about all the aspects of your potential audiences while creating content. If the subject is too much to focus on, they probably would want to engage less while doing something else.

3. You don’t need to invest in a gadget

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts while commuting and use smartphones. If you also tend to listen to podcasts while traveling, you’re not alone – 69% of podcast listeners do the same. It is essential these days with the increase of tech-dependency, to use mobiles over other gadgets

We are more dependent on mobile devices and prefer to read ebooks compared to traditional old fashioned hard copies on the go.

4. The Next Big Star

Subscribers and followers are increasing by the minute. Last year in 2018, there were approximately 48 million podcast listeners. These numbers are sure to rise to 115 million by 2021.

It is a huge turning point in the podcasting industry and also a crucial aspect for advertisers to involve in this medium.

There is no perfect time to get started since business are already creating content and engaging audiences. The time is now, and the place is here. The more you delay – the more you will have to compete to cope up.

5. Loyalty with the Audience

It is incredibly vital for you to provide your audience with quality content regularly. Because your followers are your loyal audience, which helps you keep the game up. They are the primary reason for your success, don’t forget. They have a fantastic relationship with you and keep checking your channel for updates.

Once you have a loyal following, it will be tough for your competitors to attract those listeners. Plus, this loyalty converts to revenue, as this is what marketers want. As about 20% of podcast listeners are more likely to prefer, a brand suggested on social media.

6. Interactive with your Audience

Another way of podcasting being so popular is the engagement level between the hosts and listeners. These days many podcasters engage their audiences in multiple ways, such as polls, answer questions and take their phone calls. It is very similar to a radio show.

It helps in building a reputation and the brand with customer interaction.

7. Leadership

Offering value to customers is already covered. Another reason for the content to stand out from the rest is the delivery. Likely said, it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it. As an influencer, many podcasters have an excellent reputation and perceived as leaders in their niche.

The Final Word

So we have discussed the amazing benefits of podcasting strategy and how it benefits marketers and content strategists. However, it is for sure – there is a lot of competition underway. But if you are thinking about the right time to start, there is no right time. The time is NOW. So what are you waiting for? Start slow, with a weekly or monthly, but don’t delay. The sooner, the better you gain a loyal audience.

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