The Power of Power Yoga

Power yoga is the type of yoga that involves vigorous, fitness-based poses. Due to its difficult poses that target various parts of the body, people term this as “Gym Yoga”. Power yoga involves athleticism of vinyasas which is a series of poses done in a sequence. This helps in improving the flexibility of the body and strength as a result it has become popular as a way to workout.

benefits of power yoga

Power yoga began from Ashtanga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He introduced power yoga as a variant to an intense workout designed for experienced yogis, not for beginners. A traditional power yoga session involves a series of poses in which you hold each pose for five breaths before moving on.

There are many benefits of power yoga that you must look forward to in case you wish to pursue it in the future.

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Great for strength training: Power yoga is not only ideal for flexibility and meditation but it is also great for building strength of the body. In power yoga, you lift the entire body’s weight constantly. Soon your body parts start feeling the burn where the muscles are being targeted.

Increase stamina: Stamina is the ability to sustain energy and use it for activities. Constant power yoga practice allows the body to regain stamina thanks to its intense poses. The most amazing thing about it is that you don’t need any equipment for it and can easily perform at home.

Gain Muscles: Power yoga requires great strength especially through advanced poses and movements. Not only do the poses target a specific area of the body but many poses focus on different muscle groups.

Promote Weight Loss: Anyone who wishes to lose excess fat may start power yoga due to its strenuous poses. For anyone practising power yoga, the strain in muscles help burn the fat from the body. Muscles training and strengthening may help reduce fats mass and increase lean body mass. Apart from yoga and exercise, people use different supplements to lose weight which is extremely helpful too.

Improved Flexibility: Flexibility means a range of motion of the joints. Muscle change is generally the target of many workouts and exercises, yoga focus solely on the flexibility of the muscles. The joints get the strain and over time make it easy for movement. You can see yogis on the television doing impossible stretches and poses with great ease. This is because of many years of experience practising yoga.

Mental stability: There is no doubt yoga empowers the mind as well as the body. Power yoga has shown to impact the mind and energy levels. Concentration and meditation during yoga pose help elevate the mood. One trains the mind to control their emotions through practising yoga.

Reduce Mental Illnesses: Power yoga has shown to decrease depression, anxiety and stress. Many psychologists and therapists recommend yoga to their patients. It is even helpful in managing and treating symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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