Best apps in New Zealand 2019

Today we will review some of the best apps in New Zealand for 2019. These apps were chosen because of high ratings, friendly UI and popularity. You might ask yourself, why is there a JackpotCity app in the list? Well, the industry of Mobile Casinos has increased greatly in New Zealand. There are more and more operators that try to conquer the market while offering huge bonuses that sometimes make them lose money. So why are these apps increasing in use and demand?

Best apps in New Zealand 2019

The world has gone through a change – people are more and more dedicated apps instead of browsing the web with unlimited choices. People prefer to choose one good app and stick to it instead of always visiting different web pages. This is what led to the popularity increase and the demand also.

There are several other apps that are very popular in New Zealand in 2019. In the article below, we will discuss some of those apps and how you can make best use of them.


JackpotCity is a great way of accessing the fines online roulette, poker, blackjack and pokies in New Zealand. This online casino has been offering the best services for the past ten years serving players in New Zealand as well as around the globe.

JackpotCity has also offered some of the biggest jackpots over the years.  JackpotCity offers a safe and secure environment for gaming where one can enjoy all the thrills of the game while remaining within the comfort of his / her home.

Powered by Microgaming, JackpotCity is the leader of online Casino apps. They have been the brains behind online black jack. Safe and secure banking option provided by the app offer a very satisfying gaming experience to the users. 


It is an app that is owned and operated by the state of New Zealand, and serves as a meteorological application used for viewing weather forecasts within the country.The app can work on iOS and Android platforms. MetService is a very easy to use. Its forecasts are reliable because they come from New Zealand’s government operated meteorological service.

Air New Zealand

These days almost every airline in the world has its own application. Likewise Air New Zealand also has an application that works for both iOS and Android platforms. The application offers check in for airline’s flights, and also provides mobile boarding passes to passengers. 

In New Zealand, domestic flights are not subject to security. Keeping this in view, the application designers have also added a feature that lets you know the time needed to reach the airport in order to catch your flight. The application is available in several countries. 


This application is basically a place that offers you Chinese goods at cheap rates. The interface of the app is very simple and easy to use. You can buy anything from this app including clothes, shoes and various gadgets. The prices of several items available on Wish are considerably lower than what they will cost you anywhere else in New Zealand. The application takes a shipping time of around two to five weeks for delivery.


This is a very useful application that lists down all the designated campsites within New Zealand. Moreover, the application also offers reviews from people who have been to these campsites. These user reviews become extremely helpful when you are seeking a site for camping.

There is another use of CamperMate. In New Zealand, food outlets are not required by the law to have onsite bathrooms. Consequently, the need for public bathrooms has increased manifold. The CamperMate application allows the user to find all the public restrooms within an area.

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