Best Blogging Platforms Of All Times

Contrary to what many people are thinking; blogging is not in the process of dying any time soon. In fact, we are surely convinced that blogging will remain to be a huge thing moving forward. More and more business will keep on making use of 2 of the best blogging platforms of all times to get their intended messages to their prospective target clients, come rain come sunshine!

WordPress Will Never Fade:

It is for this reason we have researched all about the latest trends on the blogging world to help out our readers when they are interested in getting a solid footing in this realm. We have gone ahead and looked into the best blogging platforms to enable anyone, from the small startup businesses to the really huge and already thriving business names out there, make a truly significant and splashing impact on the web, once and for all.

CMS for Small & Big Businesses Alike:

The review on the best blogging platforms you are about to read focusses on the key pertinent aspects we ought to be on the lookout for when choosing a blog over another. In other words, we are going to spend the next couple of minutes going over the pros, the cons of the various blog platforms and finally giving our own verdicts on the same.


WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform of all times. It offers the end-users an enormous degree of flexibility when it comes to customizing the work space and when you want to personalize your blog. It boasts of a huge library of both free and paid themes fined tuned for a vast plethora of business needs and types.

Best Blogging Platforms Of All Times WordPress

According to reliable sources, WordPress has the biggest following with close to 23% as of 2014, of all the websites being powered by it. The platform has an easy to use administration interface.  With WordPress you get to benefit of having a customer care support crew that is always on call 24/7/365.

Building an elegant-looking professional website becomes a super fun activity with the millions of plugins available for WordPress users.

The only drawback with WordPress is that it can prove to quite problematic when one wants to in cooperate it to their already existing website. It requires an advanced skillset in the programming language PHP to code for the various functions necessary to have it working in perfect order.


Our second choice of the best blogging platforms of all times is Squarespace. Most first time users of Squarespace tend to assume it to be a just another bland website. In essence, however, this happens to be one of the best blog development hubs out there. Starting off with packages costing a measly $8 per month you get a wonderful chance to build excellent –looking fully functional blogs without even having any coding and or programming experience whatsoever.

Best Blogging Platforms Of All Times squarespace

Everything You Ever Need For $8:

What’s more, you could also build a full website to complement the newly created blog page. Courtesy of the intuitive application programming interface you get to add all manner of third party content for instance YouTube videos, photos and even social media platforms to your blog and or website.

The only disadvantage is that you have to pay to use it but at the end of the day we have to say, Foursquare is certainly in a class of its own more so especially for the cadre of folks who are not adept in coding. No wonder we have dubbed it as one of the best blogging platforms of all times.

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