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In winter, it is essential to use the best hand warmer to warm your fingers and hands quickly after getting them out of your pocket or your gloves. However, a good quality device is not easy to find. Indeed, the market is full of basic products that provide little to no heat at all. Conversely, it is possible that if any device purchased without background knowledge may be difficult to control and that you could experience a high temperature that could burn your hands. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know before buying the best electric hand warmer. We will also give you examples of the best electrical hand warmers in the market.

How to Choose a Hand Warmer?

Electric Heater

Electric model VS Chemical : When you choose your hand warmer, you have two possibilities in terms of energy source and heat: electric and chemical hand warmers. Each of these models has its own advantages, but also its own disadvantages.

The Chemical Hand Heater : This kind of equipment works in principle on an exothermic reaction between air and the oxidizing iron. When the iron powder mixes with water and carbon and exposes itself to the open air, it produces a chemical reaction that produces heat.

These hand warmers are widely used in ski resorts because of their compactness and efficiency.  However, they are becoming less and less used over time now that the electric hand warmers are taking over.

The advantages : They are very simple to use. Their compact form is very practical. Moreover, they are not very expensive.

The disadvantages : They are not reusable. Black residues can be produced during the chemical reaction.

Electric Heater

The electric hand heater: These are the most common models on the market. Their use is very simple, just activate it and put your hands on it to heat up. You can turn it off at any time if you want to save battery power. This kind of device can be rechargeable. In addition, they can offer other practical options like external phone battery, flashlight, etc. The advantages: The advantages of this model include the fact that it is rechargeable, it emits no smell, it is very affordable and can charge your smartphone and light your way. Disadvantages: The life of this device is short in comparison with the catalytic models. In addition, you will still be limited in use when it comes to battery life.

The Duration of Heat Emission : Autonomy is an essential factor when you buy your electric hand warmer. Depending on the device, the battery life can range from a few minutes to several hours. For a good electric model, the range is around 2 to 8 hours.

What Are the Areas of Use of a Hand Warmer?

Hand warmers can be used in many circumstances. Most often, it is used for skiing or snowboarding. Skiers and snowboarders especially use chemical models that slip easily into their gloves and shoes. But you can also use the hand heater for other activities. This is the case for example for fishing (especially ice fishing), mountain camping, golf, etc. There are even some musicians who use it to warm their hands during outdoor concerts.

The Temperature Level

It should be understood that electric heaters do not heat as much as fuel and chemical hand warmers, but it should be noted that these hand warmers’ temperature is unusable. On the other hand, some electric hand warmers have heat adjustment features implemented. With this being said, you should also know that it is not always possible to adjust the temperature with the chemical model. In any case, a device that offers a heat source around 50 ° C is acceptable.

What is the Best Hand Warmer?

A hand warmer is guaranteed to release enough heat to warm your hands. With this in mind, the device you need to choose must perform this function. It should be known that there are 3 types of models: gasoline, electric and chemical. The most widespread and most used are the electric model. In addition, your choice must also be based on the comfort of use, practicality, and ease of recharging. Not only this, but there are electric hand warmers that enables you to recharge your phone, make sure you go with one of those.

Best Electric Hand Warmers

Electric Heater

Here, you will surely make the best choice. We offer your examples of the best hand warmers in the market.

Peyou 5200 m1AH – The brand Peyou offers a 3 in 1 ergonomic and high-end hand warmer. Easy to use and practical, this device allows you to quickly get rid of the cold on your hands while allowing you to charge your phone and also benefit from a flashlight. The unit has a double-sided thermostat and 3 heating cells that reach the required temperature in less than 30 seconds. The 5200 mAH battery allows this model to be functional up to 6 hours in 48 ° C mode and up to 4 hours in 55 ° C temperature. This product can be used as an external battery for new Smartphone models. Similarly, it offers a very powerful LED flashlight that can enlighten you during your night hikes or your night camps in the countryside.

Aookey 5200 mAH – Efficiency is what you will be getting with this model. It can heat your hands in just a few seconds thanks to its high-performance heating system. The handling of this product is very pleasant because its outer surface has been specially treated with silicone oil promoting a smooth and silky texture. The device offers 3 heating modes with 3 different temperature levels. It also features a security system to prevent excessive discharges, overheating and overcharging. As for durability, you will benefit from a long battery life of 5200 mAH, with an indicator that shows you the status of the battery. Note that this equipment can also be used as a power bank for your smartphones.

Omasi 5200 mAH – This equipment offers a double-sided thermostat and 3 heated stalls. It warms your hands very quickly, whether you choose the heating option at 42 ° C or 55 ° C. Practical, the portable format of this model allows it to be carried everywhere. Very useful when you want to warm your hands when you are in a snowy environment or hiking. The unit offers an overheating protection system. When the temperature exceeds 57 ° C, it goes directly into standby. In addition, the device offers a capacity of 5200 mAH with a range of 4 to 8 hours depending on the heating temperature chosen. Moreover, it can be used also as an external phone battery.

Four Heart 5200 mAH – This model offers a high heating speed. This is due in particular to its double-sided thermostat, three heated stalls and the integration of a heating pad in the middle. The device offers an electronic system allowing the user to switch between three adjustable temperature levels: 42 ° C, at 48 ° C and at 55 ° C. Regardless of the intensity of heating chosen, the large capacity of the battery allows it to provide a long battery life, up to 8 hours. Versatile, this equipment can also be used to charge your smartphone when you run out of battery. Moreover, it can be recharged easily from any USB or USB Type C cables.

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