Best Honeymoon Travel Destinations in 2021

Best Honeymoon Destinations – The best honeymoon escapes are the ones that provide you with memories that just refuse to be forgotten. In 2021, after a turbulent year, you must provide yourself with a honeymoon vacation that fits your personalities, so you can start your joint life on the right foot and have a lot of fun, relaxation and romance. No matter what you’re into, spending days on the beach, hiking through mountains, exploring towns or watching animals on a safari, 2021 has everything you need.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

As long as you’re with your partner, any destination can be perfect for a honeymoon, so don’t just opt for Bali or Paris automatically. Here are some more unique destinations that will blow your mind this year and provide you with the best honeymoon in the world.


How do you like the sound of this: glowing sunsets over open skies, candlelit dinners for two under the stars and gently falling asleep in your lover’s arms to the sounds of the jungle? If you love what you pictured, consider Tanzania. There’s no other place in the world that will surprise you with a dinner-for-two in the bush, lit by lanterns and showered in starlight.

St. Lucia

If you’re looking for something classic, look no further than St. Lucia. This island is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for all the right reasons: it has Caribbean waters, breathtaking mountain views and lux resorts. If you want to provide your honeymoon Instagram photos with an amazing backdrop, St. Lucia will provide you with an extra special something. Since this is your first holiday as a married couple, expect special treatment from the island and its people.


If you’re planning to take your honeymoon between April and October, consider Indonesia. This perfect honeymoon destination is blessed with countless beach resorts that will provide you with those champagne sunsets you’re dreaming of. But that’s not all. Indonesia can also offer you one of the least-explored areas of Southeast Asia, Kalimantan jungles, so if you’re an adventurous couple, this will definitely tickle your curiosity. The Sekonyer River is the only thing breaking the jungle greenery, but you can tame the river on a cute klotok (a private, livable boat). As you relax and eat lunch on the deck of your boat, you can see all sorts of animals, even wild orangutans swinging on vines or building their nests in the trees.

And if you want to enjoy some traditional honeymoon relaxation after your jungle adventure, you can easily fly to nearby Bali and enjoy a classic beachside escape. If you pick an exclusive villa or a private cottage, you can even enjoy your own gardens and sea views.


This destination might come as a surprise to those that don’t know the Dalmatia Coast, but those who are familiar with it definitely understand why this can be a perfect honeymoon spot. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, breathtaking coastal views, tasty food and great wine, Croatia’s seaside is heaven for all couples who crave luxury. Newlyweds that want something completely special should opt for a honeymoon on a yacht. If you look for all inclusive yacht charters in Croatia, you will end up with a tailored itinerary that fits your needs and wishes perfectly. Your private yacht will come with a discrete crew, amazing food and drinks, fun water toys and a unique itinerary—all in all, expect something truly glamorous!


Honeymooners looking to relax from the wedding and find peace and serenity can rely on Sardinia. This island is rich in history, but it’s also a perfect destination for relaxation, luxury and great Italian food and wine. It will provide you with an amazing backdrop for your adventures, especially if you love to hike and spend time in nature with your partner. While rugged, craggy and mysterious, Sardinia also has sandy beaches and blue water, especially if you hit the Costa Smeralda. At this spot, you can enjoy the Caribbean-style beaches without all the crowds that might disturb your honeymoon.


If you’re not big on beach vacations, you can head north and visit Iceland, one of the most unique places on Earth. This country has diverse landscapes all grouped together on a tiny island. If you love hiking and exploration, you can see everything from powerful waterfalls and happy geysers to sleepy hills, dramatic cliffs, black sand beaches, glaciers and even volcanoes—Iceland is an all-inclusive package when it comes to natural beauties.

When you want to relax from sightseeing (we recommend Diamond Circle sightseeing route that hits all the famous wonders of Iceland while being on a road trip) you must visit the famous Blue Lagoon Spa. This location is surrounded by volcanic fields, but there’s nothing scary about the pastel blue waters of the lagoon. You will love its warm water and healing mud that will make both of you glow with beauty. The hardest thing about your Iceland honeymoon is to decide whether you want to enjoy the Midnight Sun of the summer months or see Aurora Borealis in the winter.


If you’re in a time pinch and don’t want to plan your honeymoon too much, opt for Mexico. You can easily fly directly into Mexico City and find a bunch of fun things to do. Are you two art lovers? Hit Frida Kahlo’s home and explore Diego Rivera’s murals. Want to eat and drink like crazy? Take a guided tour of the city’s best taquerias. Once you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can fly to Zihuatanejo, one of the best beach destinations in the country.

Forget the commercial hell that’s the Mayan Riviera (usually full of drunken students and youngsters looking to party) and enjoy a more low-key vacation. You will be welcomed with a relaxing atmosphere of a fishing village, caramel sands, freshest seafood imaginable and plenty of watersports to break the monotony. When you get too tired from all the food and all the swimming, you can retire to your beachside hotel and fall asleep to the song of the tide.

Are you looking forward to travel in 2021? Hurry up to get hitched so you can start planning your honeymoon at one of these top destinations!

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