Top 4 Keyword Research Tools To Help You Write SEO-Driven Content

With the right approach towards SEO, every internet business can flourish exponentially in a very short time. Same goes for your blogging career.

Coming up with fresh ideas for your blog can be hard. You have to come up with topics that are not only relevant to your industry, but also interesting for your readers. This is where keyword research comes in.

Keyword research is a crucial element of modern SEO. The right keywords not only tell you what your audience is interested in, but also help you rank high in search engines, so your content can reach more of the interested people. As a result, you are able to attract quality traffic to your site consistently. 

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best keyword research tools to help you conquer your content planning.

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When it comes to targeting your keywords and getting more visits to your blog, Ubersuggest is just the right pick. It’s a free, easy-to-use tool that provides you with keyword suggestions for your content (among other things).

Many influencers have reviewed Ubersuggest as one of the best and most effective keywords research tools out there. Here’s an example of what it does:

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tools


You can use Ubersuggest not only to get ideas for new content to write abut, but for all of your marketing efforts, including SEO and PPC campaigns.

This keyword research tool not only gives you an almost unlimited list of alphabetized and numerical keyword suggestions, but also tells you a percentage of how likely it is for you to be able to rank in the top search results with the keyword you type in.


(According to Ubersuggest, this keyword has 27% SEO difficulty, so there is a 73% chance of ranking on the top page.)

And, with their free chrome extension, you can find more keywords on google, amazon, and youtube.

Plus, their easy-to-use traffic analyzer tells you about not only yours but other websites as well. It also gives you insights about other things like what organic keywords your competitors are getting traffic from, which is essential information you can use for your benefit.


Ubersuggest is freemium, and you basically get tons of features for free, especially when compared to other SEO tools that either make you sign up for a trial, or don’t give out as many features for free, or are just plain expensive.

The fact is, with Ubersuggest, you get more for free than any other tool. It lets you track keywords for free from anywhere in the world, with a daily limit that most people don’t get to in their keyword research.

You can also get the premium version if you manage more websites, or want access to more data with no daily limitations.

2. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is not only a top choice when starting a new blog, but it can also help you advance as you grow on to produce more content.

It is a free tool, and the exciting fact is that you get information directly from Google, so you can be sure to get ideas that will bring you results.


The first step is simple; just enter your keyword into the search box.

Google Keyword Planner

Next you’ll see keyword suggestions against your query.

Besides your search terms, you will also see many other ideas laid out for you. You want to pay close attention to all of the keywords. Some of them might not work for you, while in others, you can sometimes find real gems.

Along with the list of keyword, you’ll find:

  • Average monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bid (if you’re using AdWords)

All of these things can help you greatly while crafting your content plan.

So yeah, if you’re looking to obtain keyword data from Google itself, this is the go-to tool for you.

Google Keyword Planner

3. Soovle

Soovle is a free keywords research tool that picks up and displays “people also search” queries from several search engines, including Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Answers.

These are the queries that people often use. Therefore, if you include them in your content, you increase the chances of being found by your target audience.



By using Soovle, you can get very close to understanding the user’s intentions on every search engine. A major plus of this tool is that It finds those queries super fast – literally in the blink of an eye.

In addition to being such a convenient keyword research tool to use, it’s also a great brainstormer as you can slowly start typing in your ideas and allow it to auto-generate its own ideas. 

With Soovle, you can guide a keyword research experiment with multiple keywords, while paying close attention to the results from every source. 

Using Soovle is as simple as entering your keyword and reviewing the results. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it’s free.


Keyword Tool is a platform regarded as one of the top keyword research tools on the market. It offers analysis for multiple search engines including Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and the App Store.

It’s worth mentioning that this tool offers less features and data compared to Ubersuggest, and its UI is less appealing, but you can try it nonetheless to see if it works for you.


Enter a keyword, and select language from the drop-down box. Keyword offers you a range of keyword suggestions based upon the country of your audience.


For Example, here are the results you get when you enter the keyword ‘Keyword Research’:

(Results are shown in alphabetical order. You can select the keywords you desire.)

Standout features:

  • Find great keywords using Google Autocomplete
  • Supplement your social media marketing with Instagram and Twitter keyword analysis
  • Export results to CSV
  • Simple UX for beginners


Initially, Keyword Tool is free, doesn’t require you to create an account and is extremely easy to get started with. 

Or you can pay for their Pro Version to unlock additional features which provides about double the amount of suggested keywords. Premium versions are billed annually.

Pro Basic: $69 / Monthly

Pro Plus: $79 / Monthly

Pro Business: $129 / Monthly

So, these are our top picks for the best keyword research tools. Wishing you all the best in your blogging career. If you’ve any questions, let us know in the comments.

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