Best Resources for military families to buy, sell or rent their home

Military families tend to shift from one location to another after every 3-4 years. Housing has always been a cause of concern for on-duty servicemen. Depending on the location of their duty, it might take months to years to get on-base accommodation. In such cases, the military service members either opt for buying a house or go for a renting option.

helping military families in buying, renting, and selling of their homes

Finding a decent and reasonable accommodation is another tricky job. One has to look for various factors like distance from the base, rent, location, etc.

Today, there are many businesses that aim at helping military families in buying, renting, and selling of their homes. These organizations provide all the necessary means to make a move easier and more comfortable. In addition to this, there are many websites that allow military members to post the advertisement for their houses for rent or sale.

Military servicemen and their families face more challenges while buying or selling a house as compared to civilians. Below we have discussed some of the best resources where military families can rent, buy, or sell their house.

Some of the best Military Family Resources to help you in Buying, Selling, or Renting a Home:


Re Military is a real estate website. It allows families of military service members to sell their houses and also helps them in finding military housing. This site contains a list of homes for buy, rent or sale purposes near various military bases. It also creates a unique opportunity for agents and brokers to reach such a powerful and unique market.

Military Town Advisor

This website started when a military family faced a tough time during their PCS. This site aims at helping military families in pre, during, and post-stage of PCS. During pre-PCS, families can look for a place to live, find schools, and check their ratings, and they can also read reviews of military housing. During PCS, military families can find a real estate agent and house for rent or sell. Post PCS, this site helps you in exploring your new location.


This is a site designed to connect military families with people who have been in the same situations. These networks of people offer to help you in pre, during, and post stages of PCS.

Military for Sale by Owner

This site offers a listing of non-base housing owners, real estate agents and military near military bases all over the USA.

Plan My Move

This a relocation tool designed by the Department of Defense. This tool allows military members and their families to search for real estate trends and prices. With the help of this tool, users can compare various statistical data related to communities like the cost of living, etc.

Housing office

On reaching their on-duty base location, military members and families can contact the housing office and explore their housing options in that location. In case the family stays in a government quarter, they need to inform the housing office about the tentative date of moving out.

Military and Family Support Center

Once you reach your location, you can contact the military and family support center to get the information related to the services and facilities provided to help them in settling in their new location.


There are lots of websites and programs that aim at helping military families to rent, buy, and sell their house. You can explore and approach any of these websites, depending on your requirements.

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