Best Smart Technology to have Around the Home

Smart devices have now become a staple in most households and rightly so as they make elements of everyday life that little bit easier. With the ability to control your heating on the go, add items to your shopping list from a voice command and even notify you when someone is at your door. While these are just a few things smart home technology can through this article you will find several smart technologies and how they can help around the home!

smart technology

Smart home hub

To start off with, smart hubs. A smart hub, such as an Amazon Echo or a Google Home Hub, is usually the device that most people will begin with and is recommended that you begin with. This is because devices such as these allow you to build your smart home hub. A smart home hub allows you to control the rest of your devices from one device via voice commands or an app. This will mean your home is totally integrated through one device and the whole of your smart technologies are at the touch of a bottom or the speaking of a phrase.

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There are a few things to be wary of when selecting your smart hub however as not all devices will successfully pair together. So, before you purchase your hub make sure that any smart devices you already have or that you are looking to buy will work successfully work together.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats have been making their way to being one of the best pieces of smart home technology you can have inside your home, both for the convenience and the saving on your heating bills they can help you to achieve. A smart thermostat is a device that replaces your traditional thermostat and is connected to your boiler through the old thermostat’s connection to your boiler. It will then connect to your homes Wi-Fi so it can become compatible with the companion app and, for some models, your smart home hub. The best part of smart thermostats is that they can all be connected to all boiler types such as combi boilers, condensing boilers and system boilers however are not compatible with all boiler brands and models. With smart thermostats there are a range of features available to you such as being able to set up heating schedules, control your heating via your companion app and even the thermostat learning about your behaviour to program itself.

Smart video doorbell

A smart video doorbell is one of the pieces of smart technology that is highly recommended for homes now. Smart video doorbells add an extra layer of security to your home as they allow you to see who is at your door and communicate with them via a smartphone companion app. Most smart video doorbells also have motion sensor tracking and can send alerts to your companion app when motion is detected, which is an added security measure while you are either out the house or in the middle of the night and sleeping.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting has come a long way in the past few years and is now something that we can control and automize from our smartphones and computers and even by voice through your smart hub. Smart lights are often made using LED bulbs, which themselves save you on your energy bills as they take less energy to power than a standard incandescent bulb. As well as saving money on your energy bills, there are a range of different features available with smart lighting such as the ability to automate when your home’s lights switch on and off, setting different light levels and saving them as pre-sets you can easily switch between and the connection to your home hub.

Smart vacuum

Finally, the smart vacuum, also known as a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums have been around a while now, almost 20 years, however in the last few years they have made some real progress in making the technology smarter. Some robot vacuums have their own network which allows you to connect to them while you are not home, meaning that you can use the companion app to set the vacuum going on its daily clean of your home. Another great feature is the ability to map out your vacuums route on certain days once it has scanned your home after an initial cleaning, this means that you can also set it to clean rooms certain days via a schedule on your companion app.

There are five of the best bits of smart technology you can have around the home to make life a little bit easier day to day!

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