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WooCommerce Inventory Management – Every e-commerce store has a huge amount of material goods and that is why they need to manage their inventions. For this, WooCommerce offers several plugins that help entrepreneurs manage the stock available in e-commerce stores.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin
WooCommerce Inventory Management

The good news is that there are many great tools and plugins that you can use to manage your list with WooCommerce. In the initial stage, managing inventory is not a big deal. The reason is, the quantity of products is low in the initial stage and the availability and updates of such inventions are easy to manage.

How does WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin help?

Manually managing all the stocks available in the e-commerce store is not an easy task for the businessman. Modern Technologies provides several advantages to the e-commerce store owners that help them to take control of their inventories.

Key Points:

1. It provides the facilities of automated update of available stock

2. Plugins will take care of the number of inventories.

3. Some tools help to generate manufacturing reports.

4. Cost estimation facilities.

5. It helps to manage the multiple categories of a particular product.

Advantages of Using WooCommerce Inventory Plugin:

1. Sales Channels

It is also possible that at that time of managing a WooCommerce store, entrepreneurs should manage the physical stores too. This helps the entrepreneur to generate sales and revenue from multiple channels.

2. Supply Chain

Accurately estimating the demand for your products is not an easy task. Sales of specific products can sometimes go bad while sometimes they start selling like crazy. Updating your inventory is a difficult task that needs to go according to the demand for the products.

3. Automation

The new plan is easy to implement when you have all the necessary details available. Inventory management tools provide scope for automation in everything from stock updates to marketing. All participants in your supply chain management need to be coordinated so that you can make the right decision.

4. Real-time Updates

When you get notifications about your store in real-time, you can always be ready to take action. Timed actions are necessary to continue the smooth workflow of your WooCommerce store. There are often times when a timely update avoids stock conditions or delays in delivery.

Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

1. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is one of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It helps entrepreneurs to sell multiple channels at same time.

TradeGecko provides you with valuable insights to create subscription products kits or integrated products. Being one of the most popular multi-channel WooCommerce inventory management software it allows the entrepreneur to integrate their products into small as well as huge online stores.

This software provides enough equipment to start a wholesale business by creating a wholesale price for the products and services available. It helps in updating the details of products on multiple channels without facing any complexity.

2. Katana

Katana is one the easiest to use list management because of its visual and intuitive dashboard. It is designed for scaling manufacturers who want to easily manage inventory of raw materials, schedule operations, bill of materials and monitor floor-level production.

This plugin is basically focusing on the overall sales order. In other words, it is used to maintain inventory that contains raw or intermediate goods.

This helps the entrepreneur take control of all the equipment used to produce the finished goods.

This provides complete visibility of their fulfillment process. This plugin is particularly designed for the needs of modern entrepreneurs.

3. Zoho

Zoho is one of the responsive WooCommerce plugins, primarily focus on your sales with having full control over your available stock. Zoho is very easy to install and it also provides multi-channel stock management.

In addition, this cloud based inventory management plugin helps the entrepreneur to synchronize all WooCommerce orders with these plugins.

It provides a tracking management system for your products. So, whenever you place an order for your product it can easily track by serial number. 

It helps you to compare the stock from your various warehouses and facilitate the transfer and reporting of products between them.


Opting any of the plugins will succor you with the easiness and flexibility of the inventory management that auto will reflect your pocket weight.

Admirably, these WooComerce inventory management plugins are rocking these days and for sure they one will suit fine with your eCommerce store. 

Well, I don’t think that you will face any issue while opting for the best software for your store but if you do find it difficult then join us here in comment playground. Also, if you find the blog informative then do share and comment here or at the official terms without any hassle…!!! 

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