Bitcoin[BTC] still has the power to climb $10,000

Bitcon Climb – Bitcoin still has the power to climb 10 grand. Technical indicators say the uptrend for Bitcoin is not over. BTC can make a new peak.

It occurred Sunday evening and the BTC ‘s 800 after the wave of rising dollar providing multiple rocket œ Include lowered the tempo to Bitcoinbiraz breath. However, this loss of tempo could be costly to Bitcoin. Because last night, BTC saw a price of $8400. Fortunately, the bulls were able to move the BTC price back to over $8600.

Now Bitcoin is consolidated under just $8700. However, this consolidation does not seem to last too long. Because the MACD indicator BTC bulls show signs of increasing the dominance. It is also worth noting that the relative power index ( RSI ) has also turned its direction north again.

When we look at the rising triangle formations for Bitcoin , we see a triangle from $8300 to another. One of the most important factors that BTC has been consolidating for about 2 weeks in 8300 resistance was that it would start a new formation. 

Bitcoin Climb $10,000

The target in the new triangle is $11,500 . In other words, although BTC has the potential to see $10,000 at the moment, it will not be surprising that the next step will be $11,500. This formation can be run much faster than the previous formation.

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