Book Review: Moonglade

Book: Moonglade

Author/Compilation: Farooq-uz-Zaman

Publisher: Hilal Publications, ISPR Directorate, Rawalpindi

Price: Rs. 500

Reviewed by: Asma Isha

The book “Moonglade” can be best introduced in the words said in the preface by the DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor, “Moonglade in your hands is a compilation of those epoch making stories.” And all these stories are of the soldiers of Pakistan Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives and have made the history to remember them forever. It is a wonderful collection of all the sacrifices, services and love that these men in uniform have been favoring to this Land.

These are not just pages, compiled or written stories on them rather this is a compilation of dignity, a true sense of the call of duty and of courageous feats beyond the imagination. In one sentence this book is about the soldiers who took a soul-felt promise to defend this Land and showed too.

The book opens up with a beautiful prologue written by the Director Publications ISPR, Brig. Tahir Mehmood Abbasi. He brings up his thoughts on how a soldier always keeps his first and last choice only his Motherland. The writer’s thoughts on the life, choices in life and love for motherland are a product of serenity and austerity. This very divine kind of love for the motherland is replenished in the rest of stories that every reader will easily identify and feel too while reading this book.

The collected stories give an ever lasting impact, a meaningful love and pride for everyone who was connected with those soldiers and to the readers too. These stories leave an unforgettable mark in our minds and the reader will go in the real detail to know the actual scene that happened with those soldiers while meeting their long awaited time of martyrdom. One feels the hair standing at the ends while reading these feats demonstrated by the brave soldiers.

Definitely, a sense of pride runs in the veins too, and at times tears roll down when reading about the people connected immediately to these soldiers – their families who miss them now. These family people may be found emotional while sharing certain details yet powerfully-strong and full of the pride for the sacrifices that their men had done to the motherland.

The book is also a testimony to the traditions of Pakistan Army that maintains the decorum of respect, service, and sacrifice from Sepoy to General to validate the discipline of the uniform in the line of duty. It feels beautiful to read about that it is the only institution that has no discrimination, difference or any bifurcation for the given responsibility for or among its individuals. A soldier be at any rank has to execute the duty at any cost.

One very interesting article, a kind of reminiscence of the training life at the PMA is written by Maj. Gen. Muhammad Khalid. He shares many interesting details about the training but what makes the most beautiful part to read is when he presents the salute to the Drill Staff at the PMA, acknowledging their service as a matter of fact to thank them for teaching him how to salute. This again locks the fact another time how very humble impact this institution leaves on their individuals.

A soldier begins writing his own story by the very moment of wearing the uniform and completes when he sacrifices his life for this Land. The other people or writers can only give words to these living stories; the emotions, feelings and sincerity all are already present there in themselves. The truth is their forwarded services to the Land and Nation keep weaving the stories on their own. It is quite pertinent to write here these stories are not only applauded and rewarded in this world but will surely be reverberated in the hereafter eternally.

The epilogue written by Brig. Tahir Mehmood is a crux of the book making the reader know that a soldier in real is a lone-walking-person on the path of his love for the Motherland. It’s only this love for the Land that always accompanies him and he sees his entire world in the very prism of this divine love. He lives on this love and makes every decision in the light of this love for the Motherland.

As a reader myself while reading this book, I felt more pride for my Army, I fell more in love with my country and last I have the more respectful-realization for the grace of this uniform. The Hilal English Team has done a commendable work in providing an unputdownable book that keeps the reader engrossed till the last story.

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