Understanding Common Checkout-related Issues and Challenges

Common Cart abandonment Checkout Issues and Challenges

Common Cart abandonment Checkout Issues and Challenges

In the current world scenario where every other customer prefers convenience over manual effort, online shopping has taken charge. Hence, if you are looking to boost your business revenue, then building a streamlined customer journey is necessary–from product awareness to final purchase, especially the checkout page, where customers tend to leave due to the complex process. The best solution is to invest in a custom checkout solution offered by a reliable eCommerce development company. They will have the market understanding and can develop a custom checkout page for your business.

8 Checkout Issues That Causes Cart Abandonment

When it comes to digital shopping, it is often heard that customers are abandoning the cart without completing the purchase process. This becomes a major challenge for businesses looking to boost their revenue. Surprisingly, cart abandonment is not the only checkout issue–various other roadblocks are discussed below:                                

Regulatory Compliance for Cross-Border Sales

Similar to every online transaction, cross-border payments are covered under various regulations to ensure payment safety and elimination of money laundering. To address this, your business must comply with these regulations and country laws, which can be time-consuming and potentially costly if you fail to meet the requirements.

Not Including a Guest Checkout Option

A complex checkout process with no guest checkout option usually leads to new users leaving the payment process and abandoning the cart. For instance, Zara, a leading clothing brand, does not provide a guest checkout option on their website or app. Every buyer must create an account to complete the purchase, which can be problematic as many people would rather prefer to complete checkout without creating an account. The development company you hire for eCommerce development services will build a fully tailored guest checkout page for your website/app to allow new users to make a purchase easily. 

Limited Payment Options

Providing limited payment options can turn away potential customers who prefer a different payment method. It’s important to offer a variety of payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and other popular payment methods.

Complex Checkout Process

Make sure the checkout is as simple as possible. Reduce fields as much as you can and make it a smooth experience. Visual representation of their payment progress also helps. Ask your development firm to build a simplified checkout page for your website.

Mobile Experience and SMS OTP Challenges

Today’s shoppers prefer shopping via their mobile phones. Hence, the checkout page of your online store must be optimized for mobile devices to create a seamless purchase experience. The shoppers must receive order confirmation, shipment, and delivery information over SMS to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. The eCommerce app development company can make your website mobile-friendly and enable seamless optimization for all devices.

Multi-Currency and Tax Calculation

When it comes to cross-border transactions, customers often face issues without currency transfer and shipping tax calculations. The figures often fluctuate which can pose a negative impact on both customers and merchants. Customers can leave the website without payment if the figures fluctuate and change from the product page to the checkout page. Merchants can face losses if the amount is too low or if the customer leaves without making a purchase.

Language and Localization Barriers

Whether it is a product page or checkout page of an online store, customers prefer personalization and regional language content across the entire website and application. Hence, when a customer in Spain is not provided with product info or shipping charges on the checkout page in Spanish, they might feel discouraged and have lower motivation to make a purchase. 

Shipping Options and Information

There are many cases where the shipping options and order-related information are limited, leaving the customers unable to get the items shipped to their location and confused about whether the order will arrive within the given timeline or not. 

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Digital shopping has its own set of pros and cons. While there is convenience and broader customer reach, there are certain issues that become a hurdle. Many of these issues come from the checkout page. When it is complex and includes multiple fields, customers tend to leave. Hence, if you are looking to upscale your eCommerce business, then we recommend you invest in a custom checkout solution. Take assistance from an expert eCommerce development company. They will build a fully customized checkout page that minimizes cart abandonment.

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