Casino life in the Pandemic

Although casinos are places that you will never find empty, this pandemic situation of COVID 19 has persuaded the governments to close down all casinos including popular gambling destinations like Ontario, Montreal and Las Vegas. We all can see that this pandemic hit everybody so hard that no one is able to fulfil their desires.

The casino industry will suffer unbearable losses. Looking at an example of a casino in Macau, China which got shut down in February as the pandemic hit China the hardest. The casino remained closed for more than two weeks. This major gambling hub in China earned only 385 million dollars. This may look like a good amount but this year’s revenue declined by 90% as compared to the previous gambling years.

las vegas casino shut down

The United States of America has been hit by the virus too and has the most cases of COVID-19 than any other country. Canada is also affected but to a lower extent. With the increasing cases of the COVID, these countries have been strict in taking measures and therefore have ordered the closure of casinos for a month or longer. So, the countries with the highest casino engagement are being currently shut down for the time being, but no one knows how long will it last. Try a canadian online casino here. 

To overcome the need of casinos, people have been directed towards online gambling. The growth of online gambling has been tremendous. Majority of the people have been using smartphones to have an access to call or text messages, there are various online activities as well. Now people are using their phones to play online casino games. The need for that increases because you see as the brick and mortar casinos are being closed down, it is time for online gambling to rule over the world. Gambling experience has been enhanced among people all over the world as the website owners and social media managers have made it easy for the people to get access to this online gambling. A real online casino can be accessed here. 

For some people, sign-up processes are annoying and also, they take time especially the ones who have not previously joined this thing online. Gambling industry, for that cause, has been updated where the players deposit the money to the website directly without any registration processes. The best thing about this kind of online gambling is that the withdrawals are fast and easy as well.

There has been an increase in the online dealer games lately as well. In the past, when there were no online casinos, gamblers had to flock physical casinos so they could enjoy their favorite games. But with the increase in technology, live dealer games like Slots and Blackjack have increased.

In the start, online casinos used random number generators to deal cards as in the most online games these days. However, it did not go well with the most of the players. They feared possible fraud and foul-play. So, the gambling websites started live streaming, where human dealers were involved. This invention has entertained the gamblers and they enjoy their previous casino experience in their homes.

Conclusively, it was essential that the effect of the pandemic on the casino business be dealt with. The online wizards have come up with a brilliant way for us to enjoy casinos like we did before. 

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