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Well, the grandeur of great Christopher Nolan in the world of Hollywood cinema is something that needs no explanation! With his intensely diversified and excellent piece of works starting from “Inception” to “The Dark Knight,” he proved his brilliance and eminence time and again. And, when it comes to his latest splendid accomplishment which is nothing but the amazing “Dunkirk,” the words just fall short!

Christopher Nolan Dunkirk Movie

He just took the genre of war to another level with this excellent piece of work. It is one of the most revolutionary narratives that people have ever seen which lets the audience experience a methodical episode of terror and astonishment.

At the beginning of the film, there is a stupendous picturization of a terrific battle in which the British soldier named as Tommy who is no one other than the superstar Fionn Whitehead along with his troop gets arrested in enemy crossfire. As the scenes have been shot in the IMAX Format, those looked incredibly realistic and magnificent.

Moreover, in this great movie, you can visualize a startling evacuation of French territory from more than one lookout like the air, water, and land through spitfire aircraft, ships, and boats and the beach respectively. And this is not the end! The action scenes in the movie have been equally accompanied by a heavenly soundtrack from the famous musical man Han Zimmer who was Nolan’s partner as a film score composer in many other previous films.

Also, Dunkirk has a unique balance of solicitude maintained in it through the various incredible sub-plots. For example, at one moment, a factor of anxiety consistently worked in me with the fear when I saw that the fuel gauge of Farrier which was not functioning perfectly is hoping in the air.

And in the next moment, I was feeling an agony because of the hostility of the French and British soldier who were brawling against each other in the same war-field.

And, the captivating music was making the whole environment lively and vibrant. Also, it will be an injustice, If I don’t praise the outstanding acting skills of all the actors who were playing their roles perfectly in the movie starting from Hardy to Harry styles, everyone was just marvelous and masterly!

And, while being more accurate, there are a couple of my favorite scenes of Dunkirk which I think is directed with extreme professionalism and acted with unbound talent. These are, when Cillian Murphy, being a shell-shocked soldier, rescue unbelievably from a sinking ship and Kenneth Branagh, as a famous naval commander, lend heft to the proceedings.

Moreover, this film is the ultimate amalgamation of history and drama. Well, almost everyone knows about what happened in the past, but Nolan’s Dunkirk just injects the fleeting instance of 1940’s evacuation and the defeat of the allied forces in the veins of audiences. Through this film, Christopher Nolan has commemorated a momentary overview of the tenacity of human spirit. It is one of those rarest war movies which have no rousing speeches and a great victory at the end but an epic masterpiece where Nolan has picturized a desperate struggle for survival awesomely.

Last but not the least, Dunkirk is one of the finest films of Christopher Nolan in which you can watch a spellbound example of robust filmmaking. It fits perfectly into Nolan’s spectacular body of work which he has contributed to the Hollywood over the years. It is an yet another best example of the fact that Nolan is the best in creating an extraordinary visualization of notable character drama and absolute extravaganza.

So, Dunkirk is a five out of five from my end! And my heartfelt message to all of you who haven’t ended up yet in the theatre to watch Dunkirk just makes a move soon! If you feel that you are burning a hole in your pocket while buying the movie tickets, then it is the time that you visit Couponsmonk and grab some deals to enjoy quick savings.

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