Latest Climate Report warns of Huge Storms and Rising Sea Levels

The latest reports predicts that the climatic changes will occur within the next few decades

Latest Climate Report warns of Huge Storms and Rising Sea Levels

A new report on the climate change impact has revealed that that huge storms and rising sea levels are going to culminate within the next few decades rather than centuries as previously believed by the NASA climate scientists.

A sobering new report on the impact of climate change finds that extreme weather like killer storms and high-rising seas could be mere decades, not centuries, away.

The climate report was titled “Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise, and Superstorms.” It was published in Tuesday in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. The report emphasized that the two degree Celsius threshold for global warming that had been previously agreed by world leaders is very high.

The climate report was compiled after observing the historical climate change patterns. Forecasts were also carried out through computerized modelling of the climatic shift patterns in order to forecast where the planet is heading.

The report was accompanied by a video message in which the author put the question to the audience: Have we passed the point of no return?”

The author, James Hansen emphasized that irreparable loss to the planet can only be prevented if the world began acting in unison in order to slow down the man-made change to the climate. Hensen further stated that the world is now at the brink of causing irreversible damage to the future generations.

The worst case scenario envisaged by the report pointed out that the melting of the ice sheets in the Antarctic and Greenland was happening quickly. This will result in the rising of sea levels to several meters over the next few decades.

The polar oceans will be stratified trapping the cool water on the surface while the warm water will go underneath. This is a very dangerous phenomenon because the warm water will come in contact with the base of the ice sheets enabling them to melt from below. This will cause speedy melting of the ice, and rapid rise in sea levels.

The report points out some more dangerous things predicting that the Northern Atlantic area will cool down more resulting in a wider difference between the equatorial regions which will be warming more and more. This will create huge storms and gigantic ocean waves.

In the end of the video, Hansen said that the most tragic things about the report is the finding that all this could have been avoided.

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