Common Eye Infections Which You Must Know

Eye infections, also known as the inflammatory eye disease are certain types of ailments that may be caused by viral, bacterial or allergic agents. Depending upon the cause of the infection, there are different types of eye infections. But some are common occurring ones.

Common Eye Infections Which You Must Know

Broad Classification Of Eye Infections

Eye infections can be broadly classified into three different categories and they are as follow:

Bacterial Eye Infection

In this type of infection, the eyes get cloudier and thicker. The eye infection may have mucopurulent discharges. One of the most common types of bacterial eye infection is the conjunctiva. It makes the eye red with itching and continuous discomfort. 

Viral Eye Infection

In this type of eye infection, the patient gets mucoid eye discharges along with red eyes. The eyes may feel scratchy with light sensitivity. Itching or tearing feelings may also be there. 

Allergic Eye Infection

In this type, allergic causing agents make the eyes itchy, swollen and tearing. Dust mites, pollens and molds are common causes for allergic eye infections.

Types Of Eye Infections


Also known as the pink eyes, this infection could be bacterial, viral or allergic. It is a very common type of eye infection that may occur in children and adults. 

In this type of eye infection, the outermost membrane of the eyeball becomes reddish infected by a virus or bacteria or some kind of allergy agent. Exposure to chemicals from swimming or any pollutants may also cause pink eyes. This is a very discomforting eye condition and proper medications are required to treat it. 


This infection affects the corneal surface and could be due to an injury. It may also occur due to fungal, bacterial, allergic or viral causes. This gives swollen eyes with constant discomfort.


This infection is a very serious eye problem that causes inflammation due to a bacterial or fungal infection. If patients are diagnosed with this infection, they need to take the prescribed medicine and eye drops without failure. 


The inflammation of the eyelids of the eyes is generally known as blepharitis which is caused by clogged oil glands present at the base of the eyelashes. This is mostly caused by bacterial growth.


This infection is a pimple-like growth that develops on the outer edges of the eyelids. This is mostly caused when glands present in the eyelids get clogged with dead skin, oils or any other matter that helps the bacteria to grow. 


The uvea is the middle layer of the eyeball that transports blood to the retina. When this part gets inflamed due to an infection, it causes uveitis. This is an eye problem found mostly in people with the poor immune system or eye injuries. It is not a long term problem, but people may experience poor vision. Thus one has to find the best eye clinic in Delhi for such eye infection treatment.


This is also known as periorbital cellulitis. When the eye tissues get infected caused by an injury or any contact with bacterial or fungal agents, it may cause cellulitis. Sinus infection may also cause cellulitis.

Mostly, young children get this eye infection as they frequently come in contact with pollutants and bacteria. 

Ocular Herpes 

This is a type of eye infection in which the eye is affected by herpes simplex virus.

Treatments For Eye Infections 

No matter what caused your eye infection, one needs to consult with an eye doctor to get fast relief and quick remedy. In the initial stage over the counter medications may help. But in serious conditions, consulting an eye specialist is the best way to treat eye infections. 

It is your personal hygiene and good habits that may save you from eye infections. 

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