Common Go-To Fabrics to Choose From for Wedding Dresses

Some fabrics are soft and lightweight, while others may be delicate and contain more structure. Here are some of the common go-to fabrics to choose from for a wedding gown.


A lot of the intricately made wedding dresses, and even prom dresses, are made up of this very well-known traditional fabric. With its lustrous surface, satin provides a picture of luxury and classic elegance. Satin is made from silk, polyester, or rayon.

It is usually medium to heavy in terms of weight due to its structure. Its great drape will surely give you a magical princess moment. With its smooth finish, versatility, and durability, this type of fabric is perfect for year-round weddings but is best for fall and winter weddings. Examples of frequently used satin fabric for wedding dresses NJ are charmeuse satin and Duchesse satin.


Another fabric that has also caught the interest of the public and is often seen in Bridal salons NJ, is the elegance brought by lace. Originally made by machine or by hand, lace fabric has its openwork patterns that are often floral or scalloped. The intricate patterns add a vintage and romantic vibe to the overall design of the dress and bring out stunning femininity to whoever wears it.

Lace is soft to touch, breathable, and see-through, which makes it an ideal material for incorporating with another opaque fabric as an overlay. Some variations of lace include Chantilly and Guipure. Wedding dresses made from lace are also perfect for weddings year-round.


The next fabric is called chiffon. The material is popular for its soft, sheer, and decorative features. A lightweight fabric that will give you a flowing effect with an ethereal, carefree vibe the moment you walk down the aisle. Just like satin, the structure that it holds creates a beautiful drape. Chiffon also absorbs dye very well which makes it perfect if you’re planning for a wedding dress that does not follow the traditional white gowns such as ombre-colored dresses. This fabric is best for outdoor events such as a garden wedding or a beach wedding.


Known for its gauze-like features, tulle is another fabric you can trust in completing your dreamy look on your wedding day. In comparison with the other fabrics, tulle’s structure varies depending on its weight and on the level of its stiffness. The net-like fabric is often used in layering skirts to give it more structure.


Tulle can achieve the illusion of a voluminous wedding dress that is soft as the cloud without the need to pull along an extra weight. The fabric can also be worked on with various lace designs and can be even used as your veil. It can also be used as an overlay to add detail and texture to the dress.


Another fabric that also has a gauze-like feature, organza, is traditionally made from silk. It has a sheer appearance, but compared to the chiffon fabric, it is stiffer and structured which makes it ideal for fair to warm weather weddings. Its translucent quality will give you that polished and elegant look. It can also be incorporated with other materials, such as satin for additional dimensions.


Last, but not least is crepe. Crepe is known for its distinctive crisp and wrinkled appearance. It is made from silk or rayon. This fabric provides a sleek and timeless look as it accentuates one’s curves and silhouette. It wraps well around one’s body which creates a slimmer appearance and a beautiful drape. Because of its sleek feature, it has become popular with minimalist dress designs.

Explore! These are not the only fabrics that you can choose from. Choosing the fabric for your wedding dress will not only allow you to achieve the dress that you’ve been dreaming of, but it will also give you the chance to experience convenience and comfort without sacrificing the quality of your dress. Remember, a dress’s potential will be maximized depending on the fabric that you will choose.

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