What is LED Lighting? 

LED is the most prevalent famous lighting system nowadays. This technology is rapidly developing and is a proficient light source. LED bulbs are more durable and last longer than any other type of light. It has changed the future of the lighting system. As compared to radiant lights, LED energy consumes at least 75% low energy and lasts 25 times longer than the traditional way.

After discussing the above advantages of the LED lighting, let us look into some common problems people experience regarding LED lights.

Note: If you doubt any electrical fault with your lighting system, do not attempt to fix it yourself and call for an immediate electrical service repair like Aleco Electric.


Common Problems in LED Lighting

Use of the LED lighting is easy, but people find flickering and buzzing issues in some cases. Bulbs, in some cases, don’t emit enough light and glare adequately, etc. If the problems remain constant, the whole circuit may damage, or you can face bulb damage. Following are some signs to detect issues with your LED lighting systems:

1- Seeking out the flickering problem

Flickering is the most common problem in LED lights. Strobing takes place in the house. In low-quality bulbs, the brightness goes down slowly until the light fades. Low frequency from 80 to 100 Hz can be observed with naked eyes. In some cases, this creates fatigue or headache. People vomit and also affect the envious system. The flickering flashing lights need to fix at an early stage. 

The flickering takes place due to the following reasons.

  • Bad wire connectivity LED low quality 
  • A loose fixture of the bulbs
  • Dimmer unfitting
  • Damaged power resource 
  • High Watt consuming electrical applications  
  • LED lighting for sports

 2- Buzzing Noise

LED lighting has another common problem that is buzzing. If the noise continuously comes from a LED bulb, there may be an overload on the circuit. Vibration is due to the electronic components when they are disordered inside. The Vibrations become less or extreme due to the frequency change.

 Buzzing is an ericoid abnormality in the LED lights. Safety measures require inspecting the abnormality to avoid any possible harm. If there is much light on at the same time in the same home useless gadgets, in this way, betterment is expected. 

3- Low brightness in LED Lights

Low brightness is also a common issue in the LED lights. This issue is found common in the outdoor and also outdoor lights. 

Reason for low brightness

  • When LED light provides less power supply
  • If the wired connectivity is loose
  • Reduce in brightness is due to the age of LED light
  • LED light got dim due to the high temperature. 

4- Dimmer is on, LED light is inactive 

Dimming is a common complaint by most users. As they put their dimmer on LED light gets off. Before buying the LED bulb, make sure it is dimmable. Doing so keeps you away from the problem. The statement is always written by the manufacturing companies clearly, seraph if there is written in the packing “Dimmable” The feature keeps your LED bulb 100% on in case of dim light or power supply. This amazing feature in the LED lights. Nowadays, every company makes dimmable bulbs. 

5- Reducing of glower in the LED lights 

When strong eye glimmering comes from any lighting source, e.g., bulb, tube lights, torches, or any other source is regarded as glare, glower, or star, etc., adverse effects are countless for eye-sight. The symbol of this light enables us from reading a book or magazine in this glaring light. 

6- Blue Light Pollution

Experts and eye specialists consider blue light as pollution. Pollution is regarded as Blue light because of numerous reasons. People use to decorate blue lights, but this causes serious issues. It can damage our retina. The blue night causes the sky to glow at night. Whenever you buy a LED bulb, always buy a low color temperature bulb. 


The above mentioned are some common problems with LED lightings which any expert electrical repair service can quickly resolve. If you face any of these problems, do not attempt to fix them yourself and immediately call an expert.

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