Common Reasons For MOT Failure

Common Reasons For MOT Failure

Without a doubt, most of our daily commitments keep us taking from one place to another. It is, not just work that makes us move here and there but other things too.

Going to the mall or the restaurant for a meal will also involve moving and leaving the house. Since several things require us to move from one place to another, getting a mode of transportation for oneself makes the most sense. It would be difficult to move to different places just with the help of public transportation.

Even though public transportation can be reliable and safe, it does not compare with the comforts one derives from using their vehicle. One can go just about anywhere when they are using their vehicle. Using public transport always comes with different limitations that one can’t ignore.

Seeing that there are multiple benefits one seeks to gain from buying their vehicle, people never end up looking back. However, the care and maintenance of your vehicle are also important.

Necessity For Maintenance

Only then will it be able to deliver adequate performance for a long time. All vehicles whether they may be a car, a bike or a motorcycle, need some form of maintenance to function well. Some people call this a car service. A car service is an annual service that includes the inspection and checking of several parts of your vehicle.

When your car does not get its timely service, it will fail in delivering the adequate performance you wish for it to display. Therefore, getting a regular car service for your vehicle should be the top priority of all drivers. Only then will your car excel in efficiency and performance.

Even so, multiple people end up ignoring the responsibility and consequences that come from not getting a timely car service. If one does not get a car service, the chances are that the damages and replacements of your vehicle will increase. As time passes by, this damage also affects the performance of other parts of your vehicle.

This continues and your vehicle becomes inept to perform well. The performance of your vehicle also affects other cars on the road. The safety and well being of your vehicle will ensure the safety and well being of others on the road.

Why Is An MOT Necessary?

This is precisely why an MOT Test Newbury prepares your vehicle for encountering dangerous conditions on the road. A mot test is a mandatory test that all vehicles must clear to keep on driving. Not having an MOT will stop you from continuing to drive on the road freely as there are charges and fines against the same.

There are multiple checks present in an MOT Test. the inspector will look at your car thoroughly and conduct various tests and inspection steps to discern the quality of your vehicle. If any points specifically show that your vehicle is not in top condition, your vehicle will fail the MOT Test.

Clearing the mot test in one go is a dream that many aspire to clear. However, it is not all that easy. This is because there are multiple tests and steps present in the checking of your vehicle. The tyres, the brakes, the engine, the lights, the mirrors, the windshield, and wheel balancing are just some of the things that the inspector would focus on. It is important to clear all of these steps to pass on your MOT.

Getting into the detail of why vehicles fail their MOT on this basis:


The tyres get a thorough inspection as they come in contact with the surface of the road. Their performance can be a good indicator of whether or not your vehicle will clear its mot. If there are visible punctures on the tread and one cannot drive their vehicle properly due to uneven tyre wear, the vehicle will not clear its MOT.

Wheel Balancing

The wheel balancing of the vehicle is also important. During the inspection, the inspector will see whether or not your steering is veering off in another direction. Wheel imbalance can be dangerous at high speeds and this is why swift action is necessary. Normally, after travelling a long distance, the wheel balancing of the vehicle goes astray as well as the wear of the tyre becomes uneven. This is why it is important to get a wheel balancing Newbury at least once a year for proper performance.

For proper performance without any vibrations, wheel balancing is necessary.

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