Everything You Need To Know About Conference Event Management

Conference Event Management is a process that happens with a plan and objective that’s been set. The process involves overseeing the overall planning and execution of the event by checking the progress of the teammates with the assigned tasks and resolving all the situations or the on-site issues. It can be either done in house or within the company or with the third party agencies often known as the professional conference organizers.

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Types of Conference Event Management

There are three major types of conference management depending on the conference owners and the resources –

  • In-house management – With all the available resources and manpower at disposal and various conference owners who opt-out for the planning and management of the conferences internally with no help from the party service providers. 
  • Joint Management – The conference organizers can easily choose and hire the professionals or the agencies in order to work with them for the duration of the conference. The efforts are then divided between the teams as per the capabilities and experience of the optimum results. 
  • Popular or Known conference types – These are the conferences that can be organized for numerous reasons, but there are a few popular types of conferences like political, academic and business that fall under this category. 

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Process of Conference Management:-

The process of conference event management can be described as follows-

  • Determining the overall budget and drafting a master plan
  • Identifying all the objectives of the conference along with the date and the location
  • Identifying all the people who need to be involved along with the objectives of all the team members and committee members
  • Reviewing all the plans and assigning all the tasks to the team members
  • Drafting the timeline in order to complete all the tasks on time
  • Finalizing the guest list 
  • Inviting speakers and arrangements for entertainment, if required
  • Finalizing the type of registration, deals, and pricing
  • Making arrangements for the third party suppliers and vendors whenever needed 
  • Making arrangements with transportation organizations, airlines, and hotels
  • Selecting conference management software to automate all the processes
  • Building the conference website and the mobile applications 
  • Selecting the way of collecting registrations, payments, and submissions
  • Sending out well-written and designed invitations to the participants
  • Notifying the participants, speakers, and authors for any important updates
  • Preparing the on-site preparation schedule about the teams to carry out the on-site tasks
  • Reviewing all the event hall decorations, furnishing, and equipment that is to be used onsite, the presentation of the seats, desks, audio/video and equipment
  • Preparation of the participant kits with the event booklets and goodies like the social event tickets and so on

On the whole, you must understand that a successful event organization takes up a lot more than just having the budgets and finances. The event organizers must possess all the skills in order to ensure that the events are run smoothly as planned. However, some of the skills might be innate or might be the ones that are born with practice, determination and genuine nature, but apart from all hard work will always be the key to the most challenging task work. 

Happy Event Planning!

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