Creating the Perfect Room for Sleep

Have A Different Perspective of The Bedroom

Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Sleep – What do you associate your bedroom with? One of the best ways to get good quality sleep, or even fall asleep the moment you hit the sheets is associating the bedroom with sleep and romance alone. The bedroom isn’t your go-to room whenever you want to be alone or need to get some work done. Make it a habit of going to bed whenever you need to sleep and nothing else. Avoid bringing work or even any form of electronics in – this will only distract you from sleep. Make it a comfortable place conducive for sleep, invest in a good mattress, ake a look at Stearns and Foster mattress reviews.

Creating the Perfect Room for Sleep

Declutter the Room

Many people have created a habit of using the bedroom as the playroom, office, and even the gym.  While you may have a good reason why all these are in the bedroom, they only act as potential distractions whenever you wish or want to sleep. Consider putting these in a different room. Have the work/computer desk in another place, leave the television in the living room, as well as the treadmill. Decluttering the bedroom creates a peaceful environment in which the brain can associate with rest. A heavily cluttered room tends to induce a sense off anxiety and stress in the human mind, one of the reasons your bedroom should always be clean and neat.

The TV is one of the biggest distractors in the bedroom. You’ll want to watch your favorite TV program or movie once on the bed. This means you’ll spend a huge chunk of your time watching instead of having a restful sleep. Televisions and most other electronics emit blue light too. Blue light is often associated with wakefulness and also inhibits the production of enough melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for promoting sleep. Keep the TV away from your bedroom for better sleep.

Get Rid of Electronics in The Room

Computers, TVs, cellphones game consoles, tablets, and E-readers are the enemy of sleep.  One of the reasons why is because these emit blue light, which tends to drive sleep away. In addition to this, using your smartphone to check emails, chat with friends, or even log on to social media can lead to wastage of time you should otherwise be spending asleep.

Mobile phones are among the most significant sources of distraction in the bedroom. The occasional chime from a notification on social media, a text message, and even the notification light is distractive enough. The alarm clock too can cause you lots of problems, especially when you wish to sleep. If you have a digital alarm clock, make sure it is facing away from your bed. You might also want to keep it away from reach while in bed. This prevents you from hitting snooze when you should be waking up.

Make the room as dark as possible

Do you know why we go to sleep at night? Well, one of the reasons is because darkness triggers increased production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for promoting sleep. That said, you need to create an environment conducive enough to induce sleep. One of the best ways to do so would be by using blackout curtains, heavy curtains, and turning off all lights in the room while asleep.

If you prefer having your phone on you all the time, you might then want to keep it in silent mode, and flipped over to avoid possible distractions. You don’t want the screen lighting up from an incoming text or push notification. Any unwanted light should be eliminated from the room to encourage sleep.

Ensure the Room Is Quiet Enough

Many people find it hard to fall asleep in a noisy room or house.  If you live in a noisy neighborhood, you’ll then want to look for ways to keep the noises out. Soundproofing the bedroom would be a great way to start.  You could also invest in a white noise machine to help muffle sounds from the traffic and neighbors, as well.  Sleeping with relaxing music playing in the background may also work for some people. While this may be an excellent option for many people, it would be advisable to have a timer on to turn the music off once you are asleep. This will reduce the risk of waking up suddenly from the sounds of music playing in the background.

Set Slightly Lower Temperatures for The Bedroom

Sleep experts recommend setting the bedroom temperature at least 5 degrees lower than in other rooms. This is because our body temperatures drop a bit when we sleep. Cooler temperatures will, therefore, help the body drift into sleep comfortably, and also enable you to stay asleep for much longer. While pajamas and nightgowns may come in handy at night, some experts recommend sleeping naked. This allows your body temperature to drop naturally and also eliminates any constraints while you sleep.

Consider Aromatherapy

According to research, introducing certain scents in the room can induce sleep. Using essential oils in your oil diffuser help create a calming and relaxing environment for sleep. Vanilla and lavender scents are some of the most preferred scents in the bedroom. These help keep the brain relaxed, hence a better chance of drifting off to sleep. Research about other essential oils and scents that can help your brain relax and induce sleep naturally.

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