Dining Table: Choosing the Perfect One for Your House

A family that eats together stays together. Whether it’s setting up a new home or redesigning the dining space, choosing the right dining table is crucial. Most tables can come with a price tag, and one can’t keep going back on their decision. This task might be a daunting one with all the dining tables in the market but worry not, here’s a guide to what one should consider while making the right choice!

Measuring and Size

These tables are deceptively large pieces of furniture. For the perfect fit, leave 3 feet of space on all sides to ensure comfortable seating. 

A table should be the right size, so consider how many people will be eating at it. It should also not make a space look congested. To assess if it will, place a bedsheet over the space allocated for the table. If it seems a tad cramped up, consider sizing down. 


While selecting a table, the finish and the look are just as important. One wouldn’t want a rustic table in a space with a modern finish. 

Consider the possibility of a theme – this could be monochromatic, earthy and rustic, colour blocked, and so on. 

Visualise the table in the space and ensure it fits in with the rest of its surroundings. If the idea of a theme sounds confusing, sticking with a dark wood finish is one’s best bet!


The material of a table should be fit for its use. Wooden material is warm and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear. It is perfect for daily use. 

Similarly, marble and bamboo tables can be stylish as well as durable. 

On the other hand, if one prefers expensive finishes (for corporate settings), glass and fibreboard may be better options.


There are multiple shapes to choose from when it comes to dining tables. To pick the correct shape profile, one must assess the shape and size of the room.

Square tables are perfect for a square room. It also places everyone closer together and is best suited if four or fewer people will be at the table.

On the other hand, oval tables are best placed in a rectangular room and provide more space than a rectangular table. It’s easier to squeeze people in at parties, given that there is no head of the table. 

Circular tables provide a friendly feel. Circular tables characterise evening coffee or chatting with friends at cafes. This table is perfect for a laid-back setting that makes people comfortable and feel at ease. 

Table Base

A surprising and lesser-known fact is that the table base can dictate how many people can be seated at it. There are three types – trestle, pedestal, and legged. Squeezing people at pedestal tables is a lot easier but, these tables don’t provide much support. On the other hand, one must be cautious about knees hitting the table underside at a trestle table. Legged tables allow for squeezing of people at it, but not at the corners. Flexibility and sturdiness should be kept in mind while making this decision.


In a growing or close-extended family, there might be more people at the table frequently rather than occasionally. Placing a large table might take up too much space, and it might be worthwhile considering an extension table. The extensional part is either a separate piece or can be folded in when not in use. This table creates more space while keeping the extra mouths in mind.

With this information, one can confidently assess which table in the market is perfect for their home. Remember not to overlook these details, which most online shopping sites offer in text or images!


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